Water Efficiency Improvement Projects

Water Efficiency Improvement Projects

Mareeba and Dimbulah, North Queensland / Nogoa and Mackenzie, Central Queensland

Mareeba Dimbulah

The Mareeba Dimbulah water supply scheme was established in 1958 upon completion of the Tinaroo Falls Dam, to provide water to the Barron Gorge power station. Today the scheme supports more than 1000 irrigation, industrial and urban customers with a total of 204,424ML in water entitlements.

Works on the Mareeba Dimbulah Water Supply Scheme will comprise six sub-projects to improve operating efficiency and reduce water losses by up to 8,000ML, which will boost the local economy by providing more water access for irrigators.

Total project cost is $28 million, of which SunWater will invest $16.4 million to supplement National Water Infrastructure Development Fund funding of $11.6 million.

The Mareeba Dimbulah Water Supply Scheme Improvement Project aims to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the scheme as well as reduce operational losses at key outflow locations across the scheme. 

What’s involved?

  • The improvement project includes facilitating works across six scheme areas – Atherton Creek, Biboohra, EB4, North Walsh, Southedge and South Walsh.
  • The scope has been broken into five delivery packages (see status for details) which will be fully delivered by end of December 2021:
    • Package 1 – Fabrication and Installation of automated control gates (commenced and first milestone achieved with automated gates installed at Biboohra)
    • Package 2 – Installation of 4.5km pipeline at EB4 (commenced and contract awarded)
    • Package 3 – Installation of approx.10.7 km pipelines in Atherton Creek and Southedge
    • Package 4 – Construction of approx. 60ML off-stream storage
    • Package 5 – Rehabilitation of concrete structures including any offtakes to install the automated gates.

Major milestones

  • Installation of automated control gates at Biboohra Storage – July 2019
  • EB4 Pipeline Operational – January 2020
  • Installation of automated control gates at North Walsh and Atherton Creek – June 2020
  • Installation of automated control gates and pipeline at Southedge – August 2020
  • Installation of automated control gates and off stream storage at South Walsh – September 2021

Nogoa Mackenzie

The Nogoa Mackenzie water supply scheme was established in 1968 to meet agricultural and mining developments and the water requirements of associated urban communities in Central Queensland. The scheme supports 387 customers and more than 70 percent of its water entitlements are held by irrigators.

As the water saving milestone has not been met, Sunwater has advised the Shareholding Minister and the NWIDF via DNRME that the project will not be proceeding ahead.