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Irrigation Customer Reference Group

In 2017, Sunwater invited a cross-section of our irrigation customers to join our Irrigation Customer Reference Group (ICRG).  Unlike the Irrigator Advisory Committees which are specific to each scheme, the role of the ICRG is to consider strategic matters that are relevant to all schemes to ensure the reliable and efficient delivery of water to irrigation customers.

The ICRG provides a forum for Sunwater and customers to discuss a wide range of issues, including:

  • the purpose and format of the Network Service Plans
  • levels of service and customer reporting systems
  • major changes, opportunities and challenges facing customers across water supply schemes
  • feedback and advice on improved customer communication and education
  • the design of non-routine expenditure programs
  • water metering standards, improvements, reporting and compliance
  • Standard Contract terms and conditions
  • growth opportunities
  • scheme modernisation and efficiency.

The membership and functioning of the ICRG is governed by the ICRG Terms of Reference.