Managing your account

Managing your account

Your online account is your one-stop hub for managing your water needs. Here you can place orders, enter meter readings, make a temporary transfer and change your details.

We’ve put together a guide to managing your account and additional tips, based on your feedback.

We have made some recent enhancements to your online account. For information on how it is easier to order water through our online portal, refer to our fact sheet.

Understanding your bill

Your customer tax invoice contains important information on account transactions and your allocation and water usage charges. Issued with your invoice, your water statement provides key information regarding your outstanding water balance and any usage information.

Understanding information on these documents will help ensure you can stay informed and aware of your water usage and its costs.

For tips on how to read your invoice and water statement, refer to this guide.

Water orders and account balances

Sunwater’s water ordering telephone and online facilities are at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means greater choice and flexibility for you when you need to order water, simply dial 13 15 89 or log into your online account.

The Sunwater Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system (or Phone Water Ordering) puts you in control of your water and business, allowing you to place water orders by means of a simple phone call to 13 15 89.

Similarly, the water ordering facility in your online account is quick and effortless. At the click of a button, it allows you to place a new water order, view your current water orders, cancel future orders and manage your water orders via a secure Internet site.
For further information on how to order, please refer to this guide.

To view our policy on unauthorised water use, please click here.

Scheme shutdowns

Planned shutdowns

Planned shutdowns form an integral part of our business and with that Sunwater recognises that the following are important service issues for you:

  • That you will be notified about a shutdown so that you can plan ahead;
  • The timing of the shutdown should suit most customers;
  • The duration of the shutdown should minimise the impact on customers, while enabling Sunwater to perform maintenance on the scheme.

A Planned shutdown occurs when a customer’s supply is interrupted or restricted due to the performance of work that is planned in advance.

The timing of all planned shutdowns will be set following consultation with the Irrigator Advisory Committee (for a shutdown affecting a large part of the scheme) or customer groups or individuals (for shutdowns effecting small areas). Sunwater will complete all planned shutdowns within the period notified to customers (unless later varied by agreement with the group originally consulted with), unless something occurs that is beyond Sunwater’s control, such as adverse weather conditions.

Planned shutdowns – Notice
  • For shutdowns planned to exceed 2 weeks, at least 8 weeks written notice by letter will be provided to each customer affected by the annual shutdown
  • For shutdowns planned to exceed 3 days, at least 2 weeks written notice by letter, fax, telephone, or verbal advice will be provided to each customer affected by the shutdown.
  • For shutdowns planned to be less than 3 days, at least 5 days notice will be provided at least verbally to each customer affected.

Each Notice will state the start date, and anticipated shutdown duration. A reminder will be placed in the local newspaper one week before the planned shutdowns commence.

Unplanned shutdown

Unplanned shutdowns have been included as a target and Sunwater recognises that the information provided to you about an interruption and the period of time taken to resume supply are important to you.

An Unplanned shutdown is an unforeseen or not planned mechanical or operational failure of Sunwater’s water delivery infrastructure that stops or restricts the supply of water to a customer for more than 2 hours (including emergency repairs). It does not include events that are beyond Sunwater’s control (eg. power failure or storm) and does not include interruptions to supply caused by errors in estimating water demand and releases, or people taking water without authorisation.

Unplanned shutdowns will be fixed so that at least partial supply can be resumed to those customers requiring water within 48 hours of Sunwater being notified of the event.
Some events may interrupt supply greater than the above standard and are excluded from these targets. Sunwater will publish in the local newspaper and SMS Messages, these events from time to time.

Unplanned shutdown – Notice

Sunwater will notify all affected customers requiring water verbally or by telephone, radio announcement. SMS Messages or fax of the likely duration of the interruption to supply within 24 hours of learning of the event, or by the end of the first business day following the event, whichever is the earlier.

Unplanned shutdown – Meter Repairs

Faults causing restrictions to supply will be repaired within one working day of Sunwater being notified.

Frequency of Interruptions to Supply

No customer will experience more than six planned or unplanned interruptions per water year (as defined above).

For more information on shutdowns please view your individual relevant water supply scheme page.

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