Customer Surveys

Customer Surveys

The 2023 Sunwater Touchpoint customer survey is live. Take the survey now

Sunwater is committed to fostering open and transparent engagement, advocating for our customers’ needs, and maintaining a flexible approach to deliver consistent, reliable water to our customers.

As a measure of our commitment to customer advocacy, we conduct bi-annual surveys to gather feedback from our customers. These insights play a crucial role in enabling us to continuously adapt and meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Active customer participation is instrumental in guiding out efforts to enhance both our customer service and service delivery. We integrate the knowledge gained from the customer feedback to shape our present and future initiatives.

Our customer surveys, distributed in April (Annual survey) and November (Touchpoint survey), take approximately three minutes to complete and contain seven questions, with the opportunity to provide further comments and feedback.

For any queries or more information on these surveys, please contact Sunwater customer support by phone on 13 15 89 or email