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Delivering water

for prosperity

Our dams

Burdekin Falls Dam 107.89%
Julius Dam 100.21%
Peter Faust Dam 70.66%
Tinaroo Falls Dam 68.7%
Teemburra Dam 94.88%
Eungella Dam 88.47%
Kinchant Dam 69.02%
Callide Dam 32.15%
Burnett and Lower Mary
Paradise Dam 68.95%
Wuruma Dam 63.53%
Fred Haigh Dam 62.57%
Cania Dam 56.56%
Beardmore Dam 97.47%
Coolmunda Dam 32.88%
Leslie Dam 17.33%
Jack Taylor Weir 242.51%

Please note that dam and storage levels are updated regularly 24 hours a day. These values are based on automated data which has not been verified.

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Schemes are essential in our commitment to delivering water for prosperity.



Respect the water video cover

Respect the water campaign

The Indigenous Hip Hop projects team and the young people of St George came together to promote and reiterate the importance of safety around dams, weirs and irrigation channels.

Visit our Education Centre to view the video and learn more.

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