Education Centre

Education Centre

Our Education Centre provides a variety of learning resources for students, teachers and members of the community.

Here you can access community resources such as fact sheets, videos and our Augmented Reality tool as well as educational lesson plans which teachers and parents can use to discuss the themes of waterways and water safety with their children and students, starting from prep to grade 4. The resources can be used at home or in a school-based environment.

For further information on these resources, email or phone 13 15 89.

Sunwater augmented reality experience

Sunwater has developed an augmented reality (AR) tool to share important information about how our dams work, safety at our storages, and how to prepare for weather events.

To take part in the augmented reality experience, download and print the map below. Follow the step-by-step instructions also found below on how to use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to access the experience—you don’t need to download an app.

A web-based virtual reality (VR) version of the experience is also available and can be viewed on a desktop computer. To access the features of the web-VR tool, use the right mouse click to move directions and scroll to zoom in and out.

Augmented reality map

Step-by-step instructions


Sunwater Resources

Sunwater assets

Learn more about our waterways and assets.


To prepare communities for the wet season, Sunwater has created the following resources:

Video Library

Video library

View Sunwater’s YouTube channel.

Don’t end up dead wrong

As inviting as they may seem, Sunwater’s irrigation channels and weirs are not safe places to swim or fish. Syphons and gates operate automatically and without warning, and slippery banks make it hard to get out of the water. Unexpected flows can knock you down and trap you underwater.

Sunwater’s ‘Don’t end up dead wrong’ campaign is a reminder that trespassing can lead to devastating consequences.

Stay safe around Sunwater’s waterways – pay attention to signs and make sure you’re not where you aren’t supposed to be.

Read the lyrics of the IHHP video.

Respect the water

In 2017 Sunwater partnered with the St George community and Indigenous Hip Hop Projects to create a music video about water safety around dams, weirs and irrigation channels.

Read the transcript of the “Check things out before you get in” video.

Check things out before you get in

The Sunwater ‘Check things out, before you get in’ campaign is a reminder that no matter how well you know the waterway, submerged objects and hidden hazards are always present and can be extremely dangerous.

To stay safe, when visiting our waterways Sunwater urges all visitors to check things out before they get in:

  • check signs for important information
  • check conditions such as the weather and the water level
  • check for hazards that may be hiding below the surface