Sunwater Weirs & Barrages

Sunwater Weirs & Barrages

What is a weir? Weir means a barrier constructed across a watercourse that hinders or obstructs the flow of water in the watercourse. Generally, water is stored within the bed and banks of a river. Weirs can be made from wood or concrete, sheet piling, or a mixture of rocks, gravel, and boulders, depending on their age and purpose.  Weirs are categorised based on the shape of their opening or the shape of the crest.
What is a barrage? A barrage is a barrier constructed across a watercourse to prevent the inflow of tidal water. The barrage is a physical barrier between salt and freshwater. Barrages are generally made of concrete and steel sheet piling and can include a main body, dividing walls, and often a fishway.



Burnett and Lower Mary



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Sunwater safety

Stay safe by looking out for potential hazards and risks at your local dam or weir.