Electricity Cost Pass-through Trial

Electricity Cost Pass-through Trial 

Irrigation customers in selected schemes are participating in a three-year ‘no-one is worse off’ electricity cost pass-through trial, from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2023.

During the trial, Sunwater’s actual, scheme-level electricity cost savings will be passed through to irrigation customers in eligible schemes at the end of the financial year.

Further information on this initiative is available in the fact sheet below.

Fact sheets

Electricity cost pass‐through trial

July 2021


Customer engagement

We engaged with customers regarding the trial at Irrigator and Customer Advisory Committee meetings in February and March 2021, and submitted a proposal to the Queensland Government to extend the trial to five schemes.
The Queensland Government has now approved an electricity cost pass-through trial in the schemes where customer support was received:

  • Barker Barambah bulk water supply scheme (Redgate Relift tariff group only)
  • Burdekin Haughton distribution scheme
  • Lower Mary River distribution scheme
  • Mareeba-Dimbulah distribution scheme (Channel – Relift tariff group only)
  • Upper Condamine bulk water supply scheme (North Branch – medium priority and North Branch – Risk A priority tariff groups only).

Sunwater did not receive sufficient support from irrigators in the Eton bulk water supply scheme. Additional consultation with Eton irrigators is planned for late 2021/early 2022 to gauge their interest in proceeding with the trial from 2021-22.

Please contact Sunwater on 13 15 89 or at QCAIrrigationPriceReview@sunwater.com.au if you have questions regarding the pass-through trials.