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Rookwood Weir Project

The Rookwood Weir project is being delivered by Sunwater and is jointly funded by the Australian Government and Queensland Government.

Sunwater, together with Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB), developed the Environmental Impact Statement and business case for the project.

Once constructed, the weir will have the ability to supply 76,000 ML per annum of water to the region for agricultural and commercial use. Approximately 4000 ML per annum of high priority water will be used to supplement urban supplies along the Capricorn Coast.

What’s involved?

  • State and federal funding has been committed and details of the agreement are currently being finalised
  • Sunwater will be responsible for the design, construction and operation of Rookwood Weir with its infrastructure to be integrated into our existing local network including Eden Bann Weir and Stanwell Pipeline.

Major milestones

  • The business case for Rookwood Weir was approved by the respective Boards of Building Queensland, Sunwater and GAWB in September 2017
  • Sunwater was confirmed as Construction Authority for the weir in 2018.


Fitzroy River, Central Queensland
Approximately 66km south-west of Rockhampton.