Property and Water Allocation Transfer Process

Property and Water Allocation Transfer Process

Faster property transfers

Sunwater is pleased to advise we have streamlined the property transfer process to turn around water supply contracts faster.

Key highlights include:

  • Electronic Application Forms: You now have the ability to complete PDF application forms online and save copies to be completed at a later stage. If you’d prefer you can still print a paper application form and complete the details traditionally. The application form will now form part of your contract.
  • Self-Executing Contracts: Irrigation customers no longer need to sign and return contracts to Sunwater. Our new contracts are self-executable, which means you will receive them via email along with your completed application form and title documentation showing water allocations which form part of your contract.

Water for sale process overview

A water allocation is an authority to take water, and an entitlement to a share of the available water resource in the catchment. A water allocation has a title separate from a land title and can be bought and sold independently in a similar way to land.

For more detailed information on water allocations and water allocation priority groups please refer to announced allocations.

Water allocation trading may include:

Further information relating to Water Allocation Trading in Queensland can be located on the Queensland Government website.

Sunwater’s process varies slightly for:

To reduce our customers’ paper handling and postage costs, and improve turnaround times, Sunwater accepts documentation for water allocation transfers in soft copy via email, as an alternative to hard copy by post. Should you wish to provide us your documents via email, they should be sent as text-readable pdfs to If documents are sent in soft-copy, we do not require them to be sent in hard copy as well.

Should you have any queries in relation to sending documents electronically, please call Customer Support on 13 15 89.