Change to a Water Allocation

Change to a Water Allocation

The most common change request is to move the water allocation to a different location. The location is zone specified in a Resource Operation Plan. A change may also relate to a name change, purpose or priority of the water allocation.

Change types requiring a Dealing Certificate are zone, priority, purpose, name.

To change a water allocation, it is necessary for the water allocation holder to apply to the Department for a “Dealing Certificate”. A solicitor or customer must complete an Application for Subdivision or Change of Water Allocation form (found on our forms page) and submit to Sunwater with the required documentation detailed on the form.

Note: Change to an operational location within the same zone does not require a Dealing Certificate the application form should be lodged directly to Sunwater.

Required documents to commence must be provided by solicitor or customer:

  • Application for subdivision or change of water allocation found on our customer forms page
  • Copy of Dealing Certificate issued by the Department.

Required documents to complete must be provided by solicitor or customer:

  • Copy of Registration Confirmation Statement/s (RCS) issued by the Department.

All required documentation can be sent to Sunwater via the preferred method of email or alternatively post.


Post: Customer Support, Sunwater Limited, PO Box 15536, CITY EAST QLD 4001

Steps — Commence change

  1. Solicitor/customer lodges the change request with the Department
  2. Department supplies solicitor/customer with a Dealing Certificate
  3. Solicitor/customer submits application form and required documents to commence with Sunwater
  4. If further information or direction is required, Sunwater will email a request for further information to solicitor/customer for response.
  5. Sunwater receives the additional information and/or direction from solicitor/customer
  6. We will issue by email the self-executing water supply contract to solicitor/customer, this does not need to be signed and returned to Sunwater
  7. We will issue via email the Notice to Registrar (NTR) to solicitor/customer

Steps — Complete change

  1. Solicitor/customer to provide a copy of Registration Confirmation Statement/s (RCS) to Sunwater when change is registered at Department
  2. On receipt of the Registration Confirmation Statement/s (RCS), Sunwater will complete the change updates in its system.

Response time by Sunwater

Our aim is to complete all applications efficiently and within an acceptable time frame. The following is a guide on our response times:

  • Issue self-executing water supply contract and Notice to Registrar: 15 business days from receipt of fully completed application form and all required documents/forms and any request for further information

Application fee

An Administration and Transfer Fee is applicable and an invoice for the fee is emailed to the Solicitor/Customer upon receipt of the application. Current fees can be obtained from the relevant scheme’s fees and charges schedule.