Water Allocations for Sale or Lease

Water Allocations for Sale or Lease

Temporary trade volumes available

Bundaberg Water Supply Scheme

Sunwater has made 3000 megalitres (ML) of water in the Bundaberg Water Supply Scheme (BWSS) available to temporary trade due to recent requests from customers in the region.

The 3000 ML are Sunwater-held medium priority allocations that have historically been made available to temporary trade each year. These volumes are not part of the unallocated volumes currently quarantined from Paradise Dam.

To ensure that the temporary transfer process is conducted in line with Sunwater’s water trading policy, Sunwater’s water broker, Ruralco, will manage the process through Water Exchange.

The volumes are available on the Water Exchange platform at waterexchange.com.au and can be accessed online or by contacting Sunwater’s water broker, Lincoln Parr at Ruralco at 0419 473 153 or [email protected].

Please note:

  • Customers without an existing Water Exchange account are encouraged to register an account if they wish to access the volumes. Customers can register at waterexchange.com.au. For assistance with registration, please contact Lincoln Parr using the contact details provided above.
  • Water purchased will be available for use in the 2021-22 water year ending 30 June 2022.
  • For customers who would like to access the temporary trade volumes but don’t have access to the internet, please contact Lincoln Parr so alternative arrangements can be made.
  • The volumes may be transferred to existing offtakes in both the Kolan and Burnett River sub-schemes in the BWSS. Any temporary transfer is subject to existing zone caps and operational approval.
  • The current zone caps for the BWSS can be found on the Sunwater website under “Scheme News” and “Current volumes available for temporary transfer per operational zone” found here.
  • This water can be purchased by existing Sunwater contract holders with an active offtake in the BWSS. ­­
  • Sunwater customers can apply for their unused volume as carryover at the end of each water year. Carryover application conditions for the Bundaberg scheme can be found on page 2 of the Applications or Carryover here.
  • Customers without an existing offtake, please contact Sunwater via the details provided below.

Temporary transfer process

Bundaberg WSS – Water will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis (not through an auction).

As noted above, customers are encouraged to register an account with Water Exchange if they wish to access temporary trade volumes (see details on page 1).

Water Exchange will provide a temporary transfer application form and invoice for payment to customers interested in the volumes. Water Exchange will submit the completed form and payment to Sunwater, who will then transfer the water volume to the purchaser.

The purchased allocation are available for use in the 2021-22 water year (ending 30 June 2022) and will be added to the nominated water account provided in the temporary transfer application form.


Purchase price, fees and charges

The purchase price per ML for the allocations will be the market cost, based on recent market activity.

Additional fees and charges applicable to the temporary trade process payable by purchasers include:
  • brokerage fee of 1.1% (inc GST) of the purchase price or minimum $44;
  • Water Exchange processing fee of $55.00 (inc GST) per sale.

More information

For further information regarding the water sale process or to progress registration of a Water Exchange trading account, please contact Sunwater’s water broker at Ruralco, Lincoln Parr, on 0419 473153 or [email protected].

For general customer enquiries contact either your Sunwater customer relationship manager directly or Sunwater customer support by phone on 13 15 89 or live chat via sunwater.com.au, Monday-Friday 8.30am-4.30pm. 

Sunwater Customer Support
Phone: 13 15 89
Email: [email protected]