Water Allocations for Sale or Lease

Water Allocations for Sale or Lease

Sale of medium priority water allocations — Macintyre Brook Water Supply Scheme

Sunwater has 790 megalitres (ML) of medium priority nominal volume water allocations in the Macintyre Brook Water Supply Scheme, Zone C, available for sale through an auction. As Macintyre Brook is a continuous share (CS) scheme, included in the nominal volume sale is the corresponding annual resource cap (cap), share size at dam, and the available water balance at farm at the time of transfer. A fact sheet with more information about the sale of nominal volume allocations is available here . The nominal volume of 790 ML will be auctioned in parcels on the Water Exchange platform as per the details outlined in the tables below.

Table 1 – auction closing Wednesday 27 October 2021
Reference #Nominal Volume (ML)LocationClosing dayClosing time
47725Zone CWednesday 27 October 20219:00am
Table 2 – auction closing Thursday 28 October 2021
Reference #Nominal Volume (ML)LocationClosing dayClosing time
47805Zone CThursday 28 October 20219:00am
Please note:
  • The above auction links are now live on the Water Exchange website, with varied closing times and dates between Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 October 2021.
  • Customers are encouraged to register an account with Water Exchange by 20 October 2021 if they wish to participate. Customers can register via the Water Exchange website. For assistance with registration, please contact Sunwater’s Ruralco water broker Lincoln Parr using the contact details provided below.
  • Bidders should consider the value of the nominal volume shown on the auction page, as well as the corresponding cap, share size, and water balance. More information about this is available in this fact sheet.
  • Based on the total nominal volumes purchased during the auctions, the corresponding proportion of cap, share size and water balance will also be transferred to the winning bidders accounts following settlement. More information about this is available in this fact sheet.
  • For customers who would like to place a bid and don’t have access to the internet, please make contact with Water Exchange so alternative arrangements can be made.
  • The sale terms and conditions that apply to parcels purchased are contained in the Contract of Sale of Water Allocation.

Sale Process

The nominal volume parcels will be sold via auction, with bidding occurring in real time. Customers are encouraged to register an account with Water Exchange by Wednesday 20 October 2021 if they wish to participate in the sale process. Sunwater will be setting a reserve of $1500 per ML for all parcels auctioned.
Following the auction closing, Sunwater will complete the Contract of Sale with the particulars of the sale and will send the Contract of Sale to the buyer(s) for signing as well as an invoice for the deposit amount of 10 per cent of the purchase price. The buyer will need to return to Sunwater the signed Contract of Sale together with payment of the 10 per cent deposit of the purchase price.
Once the sale transaction has occurred in accordance with the Contract of Sale, the successful bidder will be required to:

  • Complete a Customer Profile form.
  • New business/entity customers will be required to supply an ASIC search completed within the last six months.
  • Complete Titles Registry Form 1 Transfer & Form 24 Property information (Transfer) form.
  • Submit to Sunwater the completed original Forms 1 and 24 for execution.
  • Submit to Titles Queensland the required lodgement forms (executed Forms 1 and 24) and Notice to Registrar issued by Sunwater upon receipt of payment for remaining allocation purchase price.
  • Supply Registration Confirmation Statement (RCS).
  • Based on parcel(s) purchased the successful bidder may need to complete a separate subdivision or amalgamation process. For more information, please contact customer support on 13 15 89.

Upon receipt of the updated RCS, Sunwater will issue supply contracts. Customers are advised to allow up to 75 working days for this process to be completed, which may be extended if a subdivision or amalgamation is requested. Sunwater will endeavour to reduce these timeframes where possible.

Sunwater encourages customers to engage a solicitor to assist in the sales process, to reduce processing times. A solicitor can provide a solicitor’s undertaking to Sunwater so transfer documents (Forms 1 and 24) can be released to the buyer before the final invoice for the balance of the purchase price is paid, otherwise the allocation will not be transferred until the final invoice payment is confirmed.

Purchase price, fees and charges

Customers purchasing water allocations should note that ongoing fixed and usage charges apply every year and are payable on a quarterly basis. The 2021-22 irrigation (or regulated charge) customer fees and charges are available on the Sunwater website here. For non-irrigation (unregulated charge), or customers unsure of their water usage classification, please contact customer support on 13 15 89 for more information and to confirm the applicable supply charges.

The fees and charges applicable to the sale process include:

  • titles fees are available for calculation here
  • stamp duties, where applicable (varies).

Any additional charges will be added to the buyer’s final invoice from Sunwater. An invoice for a 10 per cent deposit of the purchase price will be issued with the Contract of Sale. The remaining balance will be invoiced and is payable in order for the transfer to be completed.

Sale information

For further information regarding the water sale process or to progress registration of a Water Exchange trading account, please contact Sunwater’s Ruralco water broker, Lincoln Parr, on 0419 473153 or lparr@ruralcowater.com.au

Sale (permanent trade) of water allocations

Sunwater is developing a program for the sale (permanent trade) of all available water allocations which is expected to commence early in the 2021-22 financial year.

Details about the program and the water allocations for sale in each relevant water supply scheme will be made available on this page as they are confirmed.

Please note, Sunwater maintains the right to pull a water parcel from auction at anytime to relist at a later time in the water year.

More information

Sunwater Customer Support
Phone: 13 15 89
Email: customersupport@sunwater.com.au