Water Allocations for Sale or Lease

Water Allocations for Sale or Lease

Sale of Medium priority water allocations — Upper Burnett Water Supply Scheme

Sunwater has 3000 ML of medium priority water allocations in the Upper Burnett Water Supply Scheme (UBWSS) available for permanent trade through an auction on the Water Exchange platform. The water allocations are Burnett Water Pty Ltd (BWPL) allocations available from the following sub-schemes:

Upper Burnett sub-schemeZonesVolumeAuction closing date
Jones WeirZones OA, NC2125MLMonday 27 November, Tuesday 28 November, and Wednesday 29 November
Wuruma Dam & Kirar WeirZones SB, SA, OB, OC875 MLThursday 30 November and Friday 1 December

BWPL water allocations in the UBWSS were created following construction of Kirar Weir. BWPL allocations have separate tariffs and charging arrangements compared to the regulated irrigation tariffs set by the Queensland Government in the Rural Water Pricing Direction Notice for the UBWSS.

The latest BWPL – Kirar Weir fees and charges schedule is located here (page 4 of 7) and the UBWSS located here.

Water sold from Kirar Weir within the UBWSS is separate to water currently quarantined within the nearby Bundaberg Water Supply Scheme for Paradise Dam.

The BWPL water allocations will be auctioned as per the details outlined in the tables below.

The water will be auctioned in parcels as per the details outlined in the table below.

Table 1 – Jones Weir sub-scheme (Zones OA, NC)

Reference #Nominal Volume (ML)PriorityZoneClosing timeClosing day
73065MediumNC9:00amMonday 27 November
730710MediumNC10:00amMonday 27 November
730825MediumNC11:00amMonday 27 November
730950MediumNC12:00pmMonday 27 November
731050MediumNC1:00pmMonday 27 November
731175MediumNC2:00pmMonday 27 November
7312100MediumNC3:00pmMonday 27 November
7313100MediumNC4:00pmMonday 27 November
7314100MediumNC5:00pmMonday 27 November
7315100MediumNC9:00amTuesday 28 November
7316100MediumNC10:00amTuesday 28 November
7317100MediumNC11:00amTuesday 28 November
7318200MediumNC12:00pmTuesday 28 November
7319100MediumOA1:00pmTuesday 28 November
7320100MediumOA2:00pmTuesday 28 November
7321200MediumOA3:00pmTuesday 28 November
7322200MediumOA4:00pmTuesday 28 November
7323200MediumOA5:00pmTuesday 28 November
73244MediumOA9:00amWednesday 29 November
73254MediumOA10:00amWednesday 29 November
73265MediumOA11:00amWednesday 29 November
732710MediumOA12:00pmWednesday 29 November
732816MediumOA1:00pmWednesday 29 November
732927MediumOA2:00pmWednesday 29 November
733054MediumOA3:00pmWednesday 29 November
733190MediumOA4:00pmWednesday 29 November
7332100MediumOA5:00pmWednesday 29 November

Table 2 – Wuruma Dam and Kirar Weir sub-scheme (Zones OB, OC, SA, SB)

Reference #Nominal Volume (ML)PriorityZoneClosing timeClosing day
73335MediumOC9:00amThursday 30 November
733410MediumOC10:00amThursday 30 November
733550MediumOC11:00amThursday 30 November
733650MediumOC12:00pmThursday 30 November
733820MediumSA1:00pmThursday 30 November
733920MediumSA2:00pmThursday 30 November
734050MediumSA3:00pmThursday 30 November
7341100MediumSA4:00pmThursday 30 November
7342150MediumSA5:00pmThursday 30 November
734320MediumOB9:00amFriday 1 December
734420MediumOB10:00amFriday 1 December
734520MediumOB11:00amFriday 1 December
734610MediumSB12:00pmFriday 1 December
734750MediumSB1:00pmFriday 1 December
7348100MediumSB2:00pmFriday 1 December
7349100MediumSB3:00pmFriday 1 December
7350100MediumSB4:00pmFriday 1 December

Things to note

  • The above auction links will go live on Water Exchange with varied closing times. If a bid is received in the last minute of the auction, the closing time will be extended for an additional three minutes.
  • Sunwater is setting a reserve price of $800 per megalitre. Bids are made in minimum $5 increments.
  • Customers are encouraged to register an account with Water Exchange by Tuesday 6 June 2023 if they wish to participate. Customers can register via the Water Exchange website. For assistance with registration, please contact Lincoln Parr on 0419 473 153 or lparr@ruralcowater.com.au.
  • Where possible, Sunwater is auctioning parcel sizes based on the nominal water volumes listed on the Water Allocation Titles held by BWPL.
  • Water Allocation Titles may have a defined purpose as either “Any” or “Agriculture”.   A change of purpose is a permitted change under the Burnett Basin Water Management Protocol for allocations with purpose “Any” or “Agriculture” provided the change in purpose results in the allocation being “Any” or “Agriculture”.
  • Temporary and permanent trading is permitted in the UBWSS subject to Zone Caps – refer zone cap factsheet.
  • Customers may choose to submit an application with the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water (DRDMW) to change the location of the volumes after the completion of the sale process. Sunwater is not involved in the approval of such applications nor will be responsible for additional costs incurred for this step. Any requested change to location will be subject to scheme zone caps. The Queensland Government publishes the current location of water allocations in the UBWSS on their website, where “capped out” zones can be identified subject to the Burnett Basin Water Management Protocol.
  • Any subdivision of the allocations held by Sunwater required as part of the Auction process will be submitted to the DRDMW for processing by Sunwater before any volumes are transferred to the successful bidders.
  • Transaction finalisation timing is dependent upon subdivision processing times (if required), contracting and title transfer processing times. Any announced allocation’s attributed to the allocations at the time of transaction finalisation will be attributed to the successful bidders’ account(s).
  • Sunwater encourages customers to engage a solicitor to assist in the sales process, to reduce processing times.
  • For customers who would like to place a bid and don’t have access to the internet, please contact Water Exchange so alternative arrangements can be made.
  • New customers, or customers without an offtake, please contact Sunwater on 13 15 89, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.
  • The sale terms and conditions that apply to parcels purchased are contained in the Contract of Sale of Water Allocation. The ongoing supply terms and conditions are contained in the River Supply Contract.

Permanent trade purchase process

Following auction closing, Sunwater will complete the Contract of Sale with the particulars of the sale and will send to the buyer(s) for signing as well as an invoice for the deposit amount of ten per cent of the purchase price. The buyer will need to return to Sunwater the signed Contract of Sale together with payment of the deposit.

The buyer will also be required to:

  • complete a Customer Profile form
  • new business/entity customers will be required to supply an ASIC search completed within the last six months
  • complete Titles Registry Form 1 Transfer & Form 24 Property information (Transfer) form
  • submit to Sunwater the completed original Forms 1 & 24 for execution
  • sign and return to Sunwater the River Supply Contract/s provided by Sunwater 
  • submit to Titles Queensland the required lodgement forms (executed Forms 1 & 24) and Notice to Registrar issued by Sunwater upon receipt of payment for remaining allocation purchase price
  • supply Registration Confirmation Statement (RCS)
  • Based on parcel(s) purchased the successful bidder may choose to complete a separate subdivision or amalgamation process. For more information, please contact customer support on 13 15 89

Once Sunwater executes and returns the supply contracts to the buyer, the buyer is responsible for submitting all executed transfer forms to Titles Queensland. After the buyer receives the completed RCS from Titles Queensland and provides the RCS to Sunwater, water supply can commence.

Customers are advised to allow up to 75 working days from the close of the auction to water supply commencement for this process to be completed. This timeframe may be extended if a subdivision or amalgamation is requested and is inclusive of the 30-day settlement period. Sunwater will endeavour to reduce these timeframes where possible.

Sunwater encourages customers to engage a solicitor to assist in the sales process, to reduce processing times. A solicitor can provide a solicitor’s undertaking to Sunwater so transfer documents (Forms 1 & 24) can be released to the buyer’s solicitor before stamping before the final invoice for the balance of the purchase price is paid, otherwise the allocation will not be transferred until the final invoice payment is confirmed.

Purchase price, fees and charges

Customers purchasing water allocations should note that ongoing fixed and usage changes apply every year and are payable on a quarterly basis. The 2023-24 customer fees and charges for BWPL allocations are available on the Sunwater website.

The River Supply Contract refers to the fees and charges, however, the Queensland Government has introduced a discount for irrigators. The 15 per cent discount will be applied to Part A and B charges for irrigation customers. The invoices issued by Sunwater will reflect the discounted price for the duration of the Government initiative. Horticultural growers may also be eligible for an additional 35 per cent rebate (a 50 per cent cut in total) on their Part A and B charges. Refer to the Queensland Government’s website for more details.

For non-irrigation customers, or customers unsure of their water usage classification, please contact customer support on 13 15 89 for more information and to confirm the applicable supply charges.

The fees and charges applicable to the sale process include:

  • Titles fees are available for calculation on the Titles Queensland website, titlesqld.com.au and searching ‘Fee calculator’
  • Stamp duties, where applicable (varies)

Further information

For further information regarding the water sale process or to progress registration of a Water Exchange trading account, please contact Sunwater’s Ruralco water broker, Lincoln Parr, on 0419 473153 or lparr@ruralcowater.com.au

More information

Sunwater Customer Support
Phone: 13 15 89
Email: customersupport@sunwater.com.au