Zero Water Allocation

Zero Water Allocation

This process relates to property transfers not including a water allocation whereby the infrastructure (pump/meter) that provides for the taking of water, may need to be assigned to the buyer. Upon entering a sale contract the purchaser and seller complete an Application for Water Supply Contract. The application is completed and submitted to Sunwater with the required documentation detailed on the form.

Although there is no water allocation included in the sale our application form is still required to capture the relevant information.

Required documents to commence must be provided by

  • Application for Water Supply Contract found on our customer forms page
  • Customer Profile Form (for all new customers), refer to the above link
  • Copy of sale contract or completed form 1 & 24
  • Company search (if purchaser is a company) completed within the last 6 months
  • Full trust name details (if purchaser is a trust)
  • Death Certificate and the applicable Title document/s 4, 5, 5A or 6 (if Deceased Estate).

Required documents to complete must be provided by solicitor or purchaser:

  • Copy of Stamped Form 1 & 24.

All required documentation can be sent to Sunwater via the preferred method of email or alternatively post.


Post: Customer Support, Sunwater Limited, PO Box 15536, CITY EAST QLD 4001

Steps — Commence transfer

  1. Sunwater receives application form and required documents from solicitor/purchaser
  2. We will assess the application and review the documents and the customer’s water accounts
  3. If further information or direction is required, Sunwater emails a request for further information to solicitor/purchaser and seller for a response (e.g. settlement of outstanding account)
  4. Sunwater receives the additional information and/or direction from the solicitor/purchaser
  5. We will issue by email the self-executing water supply contract to solicitor/purchaser and seller (if applicable), this does not need to be signed and returned to Sunwater

Steps — Complete transfer

  1. Solicitor/purchaser is to provide Sunwater with a copy of the stamped form 1 & 24 to allow the transfer of the offtake/s from the seller’s account to the purchaser
  2. On receipt of stamped form 1 & 24, Sunwater will transfer the offtake/s to the purchaser’s account and provide a release of supply contract letter (if applicable) to the seller.

Response time by Sunwater

Our aim is to complete all applications efficiently and within an acceptable time frame. The following is a guide on our response times:

  • Issue self-executing water supply contract: 15 business days from receipt of fully completed application form and all required documents/forms and any request for further information.

Application Fee

An Administration and Transfer Fee is applicable and an invoice for the fee is emailed to the Solicitor/Purchaser upon receipt of the application. Current fees can be obtained from the relevant scheme’s fees and charges schedule.