Rookwood Weir Opportunities

Rookwood Weir Project

Fitzroy River

Sunwater is committed to delivering water for prosperity, benefiting Central Queensland communities, agriculture and industrial enterprise.


Partnering with local businesses and workers to deliver regional prosperity is at the forefront of what we do. Sunwater is dedicated to fostering sustainable employment and economic development on every project.

We are committed to maximising opportunities for local and Indigenous businesses and jobseekers in the Central Queensland region. In compliance with the Queensland Procurement Policy (2018), Sunwater and its contractors will provide ‘full, fair and reasonable opportunity’ for capable and competitive local and Indigenous industry to compete for work or participate in project supply chains.

Industry opportunities

Sunwater partnered with the Industry Capability Network (ICN) to connect contractors, subcontractors and suppliers with project opportunities.

Local industry operators registered their interest through the ICN supplier portal. Suppliers for the project have been procured and the portal is now closed.  

icn gateway

Employment opportunities

More than 230 skilled and unskilled construction workers will be required across the two-to-three-year Rookwood Weir construction period (weather permitting).

Project-related employment pathways for jobseekers include:

  • Sunwater
  • contractors supplying the project directly
  • businesses supplying the project as sub-contractors and suppliers.

We currently have a range of positions available on the project for labourers, formsetters, steel fixers, concreters, riggers and crane operators.

Find out more about current opportunities and employment requirements via McCosker Contracting.

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Please contact the Rookwood Weir project team for more information.