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Fitzroy River

Sunwater is committed to delivering water for prosperity, benefiting Central Queensland communities, agriculture and industrial enterprise.

Fitzroy Basin Water Plan

With the Rookwood Weir project on track to commence in-river construction by April 2021, the Queensland Government wants to maximise the benefits by bringing this new infrastructure into the region’s water planning framework.

The Queensland Government has released a statement of proposals, which outlines several options for how water in Rookwood Weir could be allocated, based on best available modelling and science.

Rookwood Weir is a critical piece of water infrastructure for Central Queensland. The Queensland Government and Sunwater are committed to working together with the community to make it a success.

Get involved in the water planning process

To find out about the water planning process or to get in contact with a water planner, visit the Queensland Government website.

Existing water entitlement holders

Significant planning is underway to prepare for the operation of Rookwood Weir.
Once the Fitzroy Basin water plan is complete, preparation of the technical operating documents can commence, including:

  • Operations Manual – the operational rules for the scheme including releases, sharing rules and seasonal assignment rules
  • Resource Operations Licence (ROL) – the requirements of the scheme operator to achieve their obligations under the water plan
  • Water Management Protocol – the water dealing, trading and sharing rules and the amount, purpose and location of unallocated water reserves.

Consultation on these draft documents will be undertaken in late 2021 or early 2022. Water entitlement holders will be invited to provide feedback on these documents and contacted in 2021 once the water planning has progressed.

The development of these documents will require the review and update of the existing ROL for the Lower Fitzroy Water Supply Scheme (held by Sunwater) and the Fitzroy Barrage Supply Scheme (held by Rockhampton Regional Council).

Sunwater will be working closely with the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water and Rockhampton Regional Council to prepare the detailed operational arrangements for the new and existing schemes.

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