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Temporary transfers

Our customers benefit from water trading and can perform temporary transfers on our online customer service portal SunwaterOnline 24 hours a day.

Sunwater sells its available allocations on the temporary trade market each year via our water broker. Sunwater’s water broker is Ruralco Water who will trade our allocations via the online platform Waterexchange. To obtain access to seasonal allocations for the 19/20 water year, check the Waterexchange web site at http://www.ruralcowater.com.au/sunwater

Waterexchange is available for public use and we encourage all customers to consider utilisation of this platform for your own trading activities.  Ownership details are not listed on the platform so trading activities are confidential, however data from all trades relating to pricing and volumes are made publicly available.  Sunwater are strong advocates of increasing water market transparency in order to promote both trading and better utilisation of water throughout the State, and we hope that moving our trading activities to a publicly available platform will assist in achieving this goal.

For any enquires relating to water trading using the Waterexchange platform please contact Ruralco Water on the details provided at www.ruralcowater.com.au/sunwater.  For any enquiries regarding your water accounts, as always you can access your information at Sunwater Online or call our Customer Service Team on 13 15 89.

For your local conditions, please refer to this table.

To apply for a transfer, please complete our temporary transfer form.

Sunwater Temporary Trading Strategies

Water year: 2019/2020
Available allocations will be available for trade on the exchange

Volumes shown in the trading strategy below are nominal volumes approved 1 July 2019 for the water year. All volumes are subject to announced allocations and if the announced allocation for a scheme is less than 100% then the full nominal volume will not be available to the water trader, only the volume equal to the current announcement. If the announced allocation increases during the year the additional water will be transferred to the water trader at the time of the current announcement.

ROP zone
Nominal Available to trader (ML)
Barker BarambahVarious803
Burdekin Haughton Burdekin Zone C25,000
CunnamullaAllan Tannock Weir Storage 120
Lower FitzroyFitzroy Zone A180
Macintyre BrookZone C790 CAP (1215 Zone A, 1033 Zone B)
312.042 Water (480 at dam)
as at 30 Jul 2019
Nogoa MackenzieVarious2,372 *see below*
available from 23 Aug 2019
Pioneer RiverVarious10,000
Proserpine RiverVarious10,000
Upper BurnettVarious3,000

*Due to limited availability of current season water in the Nogoa Mackenzie scheme, a series of ONLINE auctions will take place throughout the day on FRIDAY 23rd of AUGUST 2019. Various parcel sizes will be presented throughout the day. Please ensure you have an active account with Ruralco Water to ensure your bid(s) are valid during the auction. A schedule for the days auctions will be issued via email, so please ensure your Ruralco Water account has the correct email address. Finally, please ensure you have added the appropriate Sunwater account details to your Water Exchange account. This will ensure that any water purchased is transferred into your Sunwater account for use.*

Service standard for processing temporary transfers

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has adopted the below service standard for processing times (that is, for the approval or rejection of trades).

Service Standard
Intra-State; 90% of allocation trades processed within 5 business days

Performance against this standard reported for period: 1 July 2019 to 31 August 2019

Allocation trade (temporary trades) processing time from 1 July 2019
Performance against Service Standard
Intended Service Standard
Intra-State trades – % of trades processed within 5 business days94%90%
Number of Intra-State trades259 
Volume of Intra-State trades
26,061 ML

More information

Sunwater Customer Support
Phone: 13 15 89
Email: customersupport@sunwater.com.au