Project Stages

Burdekin Falls Dam Raising

Burdekin Falls Dam, North Queensland

The Burdekin Falls Dam Raising Project is a proposal to raise the existing dam as a potential means to augment and increase water supply in the Burdekin and surrounding regions.

Project Stages

We deliver projects in a staged approach to ensure our proposed scope demonstrates prudent and efficient investment while maintaining public safety, the security of water supply and delivering the best value for money. Below is an overview of the key project stages:

The detailed business case must be approved by the Queensland Government before delivery of the project can proceed. Further, the environmental impact statement (EIS) must be approved by Queensland Government and the Australian Government for matters which require approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act).

The detailed business case

Sunwater is preparing a combined detailed business case (DBC) for the Burdekin Falls Dam Raising and Improvement projects.

Dam improvement works are necessary to satisfy safety requirements and engineering design standards and must be undertaken. The Dam Raising project is an opportunity to improve supply reliability at the same time that the improvement work is being delivered. The recommended approach of a standalone dam improvement project or a combined improvement project with a raise, will be determined through the DBC process.

The detailed business case will align with the Queensland Government’s (formerly Building Queensland) Business Case Development Framework.

The preliminary business case

Sunwater completed the preliminary business case for the Burdekin Falls Dam Raising Project in 2018 that considered various dam heights and baseline studies to support the environmental impact statement process.

The preliminary business case concluded that a potential dam raising between two and six metres should be further investigated.