Safety Campaigns

Safety Campaigns

Check things out before you get in

Sunwater’s dams and weirs are popular places for people to relax, play and gather with family and friends. Over the summer period, we expect visitation at our assets to increase for recreational use and we want to ensure that everyone visiting our dams and weirs have a good time while enjoying the water safely..

It’s important to remember that submerged objects such as tree branches, stumps, sharp, loose or slippery rocks, sandbanks and debris are always present. While things may appear calm on the surface, these hidden dangers under the water have the potential to cause serious injury.

The Sunwater ‘Check things out, before you get in’ campaign is a reminder that no matter how well you know the waterway, submerged objects and hidden hazards are always present and can be extremely dangerous.

To stay safe, when visiting our waterways Sunwater urges all visitors to check things out before they get in:

  • check signs for important information
  • check conditions such as the weather and the water level
  • check for hazards that may be hiding below the surface