Fishing Safety

Fishing Safety

There’s nothing better than dropping a line in the water, but fishing comes with responsibilities.

When enjoying our dams and weirs remember:

  • Read the signs — for important information about water, recreational activities, potential hazards, blue-green algae levels and no-go zones (also known as ‘closed waters’)
  • Stay aware of your surroundings — fast flowing water can be released suddenly from a dam or weir outlet, and can knock you off your feet and pin you underwater
  • Beware of hazards — beware of hidden dangers such as logs, pipes and rocks under the water surface and watch out for uneven and slippery ground. Submerged hazards can be exposed at different water levels
  • Get your permit — check what activities are allowed and obtain an appropriate permit if fishing in stocked impoundments
  • Don’t fish in closed waters — closed waters protect swimming areas, endangered or threatened fish species, spawning grounds, fish migration and against over-fishing
  • Don’t fish on or near dam and weir walls — it’s unsafe and illegal.

Important contacts

  • Sunwater — 13 15 89
  • Emergency — 000
  • Fishwatch (to report illegal fishing activities) — 1800 017 116.

Helpful fishing resources