Stay dam safe this Easter

We want you to have a dam good time at our dams and weirs this Easter! So before you head out, remember these important safety tips: 

  • Exclusion zones are in place 200 metres either side of dam and weir walls. They are there to prevent you being sucked down and trapped against underwater valves or caught in powerful currents when water is released.
  • Exclusion zones may be marked by buoys, but not always, so stay aware of how far you are from dam and weir walls. Entering these zones is trespassing and you can be fined.
  • Be aware of strong underwater currents that can quickly carry you away from the shore or your boat.
  • Submerged hazards such as weeds, trees and logs can move around with the current and impact both swimmers and boats.
  • Boat and jet ski users should make sure everyone wears a properly secured life jacket. That way, if anyone ends up in the water, they should remain afloat.
  • Conditions can change quickly, so carry a flare or distress signal with you on every boat or jet ski trip.
  • If you get into trouble, don’t wait – signal to others for help immediately.
  • Remember that Sunwater’s dams and weirs are not monitored by lifeguards.

Safety should be everyone’s priority. Plan to get home safe this Easter.