Sunwater welcomes new CEO

The Sunwater Board welcomes accomplished infrastructure executive Glenn Stockton AM as our Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Stockton brings more than 35 years of leadership experience to the company charged with the responsibility for providing critical water resources to communities and industry across the state.

Chairman Leith Boully said Mr Stockton’s experience will enable Sunwater to proactively deliver on our purpose of ‘delivering water for prosperity’ for Queensland and its 5000 customers.

“Our team delivers about 40 per cent of the water used commercially across the large and diverse state – so it was essential to engage someone skilled in building strong relationships and working on large, complex projects,” she said.

Before joining Sunwater, he held senior positions such as General Manager Operations at Pacific Partnerships, and Director and Board Chairman of the Pulse Partnerships Consortium.

Mr Stockton played a key role on Brisbane’s Cross River Rail project and was Director and Chief Executive Officer for the delivery and operation of the recently commissioned ACT Light Rail project.

He also served as a Colonel in the Royal Australian Engineers as part of a 24-year career with the Australian Army.

“Glenn is a strong believer in safety and accountability and knows what it takes for businesses to overcome big challenges,” Ms Boully said. “And there’s no greater challenge than delivering water security in a state that has a highly variable climate.”

Mr Stockton said he was excited to join Sunwater and looked forward to working with the staff and customers to make the most of Queensland’s precious water resources.

“Every single day of the year, Sunwater works hard to understand the needs of regional Queensland,” he said. “It’s a privilege to be part of a team that supports resilience, growth and prosperity, with both safety and the needs of our customers and communities at the forefront of our thinking.”

Ms Boully thanked Interim CEO, Lisa Dalton, for her leadership over the past five months as she resumes her position as Sunwater Company Secretary.

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