Fred Haigh Dam

Fred Haigh Dam


  • Lake Monduran


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Fred Haigh Dam

Lake Monduran




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  • Car Parking

  • Road Access

  • Lookout

  • Picnic Areas

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  • Rubbish Bins

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  • Treated Water

  • Camping


Stocked fish include Australian Bass, Barramundi Golden Perch, Saratoga, Silver Perch and Sooty Grunter. There is a breeding population of Fork-Tailed Catfish present which can dominate captures as well as Eels, Tandans, Snub Nosed Gar and Spangled Perch. A Stocked Impoundment Permit is required to fish in Lake Monduran / Fred Haigh Dam.


There are no boating restrictions at Fred Haig Dam. It is open 24 hours. A concrete boat ramp is provided in the public access area with a gravel ramp below the lookout area (near dam wall and camping area).


Camping and caravans are permitted at the lake. Fees apply. There are a limited number of cabins on the hill overlooking the lake, alternatively contact local accommodation in Gin Gin.


For everyone’s enjoyment and safety, please keep your pet on a leash or restrained during your visit.


Help us keep all recreational areas clean and tidy by using the rubbish bins provided. If rubbish bins are full please take your rubbish with you. Please also take any seafood rubbish with you to reduce odour.

Antisocial behaviour

If you observe vandalism, antisocial behaviour or any illegal activities, please contact the Police immediately on 000.

Commercial or large group activities

Please note that approval is required for the use of Sunwater land for any event or function other than normal visitor activities in approved recreational areas. Events or functions include, but are not limited to fishing, swimming, rowing, boating or skiing competitions or displays, community events, weddings or other organised activities. To gain approval, submit a General Application for Access to Sunwater Land or Infrastructure and Events, or contact us on 13 15 89.

Motorcycles and other vehicles

The recreational use of registered and unregistered motorcycles and four wheelers within the camping area and the surrounding private property is strictly prohibited. The speed limit in the camping area is 20km/h.

Dam safety

Stay safe by looking out for potential hazards and risks.

Dam history

Irrigation and Water Supply Commissioner Fred Haigh (left), project engineer Geoff Ward and Chairman of the Bundaberg District Irrigation Committee, Ben Anderson.
Irrigation and Water Supply Commissioner Fred Haigh (left), project engineer Geoff Ward and Chairman of the Bundaberg District Irrigation Committee, Ben Anderson Courtesy of Watery Sauces, A Peoples History of the Water Resources Commission (Queensland) and its Predecessors 1881-1995 by Ian Pullar and Margaret Cook, 2001

Fred Haigh Dam

The Fred Haigh Dam was completed in 1974 as part of the first stage of the Bundaberg Water Supply Scheme.

It was originally called Monduran Dam but the name was changed in 1979 to honour Irrigation and Water Supply Commissioner Fred Haigh who was a driving force behind the project. Sadly, Haigh died in 1974 before the dam was finished. The storage formed by the dam is still known as Lake Monduran.

Located on the Kolan River about 20 km north of Gin Gin and about 75 km inland from the river’s mouth, it is the main source of water for the scheme with a storage capacity of 562,000 ML and a reservoir area at full supply level of 5300 ha. The storage has a maximum water depth of 43 m and a catchment area of 130,000 ha.