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Water quality

Sunwater monitors the water quality of storages (dams and weirs) in line with regulatory requirements and the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Water Monitoring Data Collection Standard. We monitor water quality within the storage, including blue-green algae levels, and in the downstream river. The frequency of monitoring varies according to the Standard’s requirements.

For more information on blue-green algae visit here.

Water quality reports

Glebe Beneficial Use Scheme (January – March 2019)

Glebe Beneficial Use Scheme (October – December 2018)

Glebe Beneficial Use Scheme (July – September 2018)

Glebe Beneficial Use Scheme (April – June 2018)

Glebe Beneficial Use Scheme (January – March 2018)

Glebe Beneficial Use Scheme – Water Quality Management Plan

Water quality data

How to read water quality data

The water quality data consists of two main types:

  • Field measurements — by Sunwater staff on site with a monitoring device
  • Laboratory measurements — in a laboratory on water samples taken by Sunwater at the site.

The following data is collected and supplied as raw data:

Parameter Units Description Type
Water Temperature Deg. C Water temperature Field
Dissolved Oxygen mg/L Amount of oxygen dissolved in the water Field
pH pH Acidity or alkalinity of the water Field
Electrical Conductivity µs/cm An indicative measure of salts in the water Field
Total Nitrogen mg/L Amount of all nitrogen in water, including ammonia, nitrates, etc. Lab
Total Phosphorous mg/L Amount of all forms of phosphorus in water Lab
Total Sulphides mg/L Amount of sulphides in water including hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg smell) Lab
Tips on using this raw data

The data can be viewed to check the most recent water quality measurements. If required, this data can be manipulated using your chosen spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel) and can be filtered or used to create graphs. Refer to the help function in your software for more details if required.

Water quality data files