Service and Performance Plans

Service and Performance Plans

Sunwater prepares an annual Service and Performance Plan (S&PP) for each irrigation service contract area. S&PPs are an important part of Sunwater’s commitment to customers and stakeholders, ensuring that they are informed, and working closely with us to identify and work towards solutions that deliver real value.

These S&PPs detail a range of proposed immediate and long-term improvement projects and provide a detailed breakdown of anticipated costs. They also compare our actual cost performance against cost targets recommended by the Queensland Competition Authority.

S&PPs replace the former annual Network Service Plans and annual Performance Reports. The S&PPs are available for download from the relevant Sunwater Schemes page, under the ‘Service and Performance Plans’ drop-down heading. An information sheet explaining the types of costs Sunwater incurs in delivering water to our customers and how those costs are allocated to service contracts is provided below.

Service and Performance Plans Information Sheet.

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