Respect the Water Lyrics

Respect the Water Lyrics

IHHP St George

Published on YouTube: 6 December, 2017
Duration: 4:00


Sitting round chilling, having fun
Someone mentioned water, now we all want to come
Down to the river, the Jack Taylor Weir
Left mum and dad, we have no fear

Here at St George, we break it down
Mob all around, we love our town

Playing games, we’re all down for a laugh
4487, kicking’ footy on the tarp

It’s getting too hot; it’s time for a swim
So many places, where to begin?

The bay, the blocks the wall within
Trying to be careful, and not fall in
Bombing in the water, I slipped and fell
Fighting Mother Nature, hope it goes well
Charlie, Bones, Jay Jay, Brode
Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for those


For the water, got to show respect
For the people, got to show respect
Show respect with the life that we live
Show respect, for the family we give


Respect the water in every way
Respect the water, you know you can
Respect the water, please be safe
Respect the water, respect the land


Old generations telling their tales
We had no idea, followed their trails

Respect the signs, respect the water
You don’t want to lose your sons and daughters

The gates open quick, the water will rise
Zero to a hundred in the blink of an eye

Channels, Weir, even a Dam
Respect the water, it can get you man

Keep cool in the pool or the river island
Fishing for yabbies’ always smiling

Watch the weather and its changes
Pipes, trees and hidden dangers

We parents are thankful, our family we praise
Swimming nearly cost us our son that day
Life by the water ain’t all fun and games
We saved a loved one and we’d do it all again


Be one with the water and one with the land
Water dangers occur to any man
All one mob, together we stand
Going for a swim, we need a safe plan