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Suppliers and Contractors

Sunwater is committed to driving value for money through our procurement and supporting local industry within regional Queensland for all its goods and services. This gives us the flexibility to match supplier solutions to the specific needs of a project, generating employment opportunities and providing economic benefits in the local community.

We work closely with industry to support our business in the delivery of construction, upgrade, repair and maintenance of capital infrastructure such as dams, weirs, pumping stations, pipelines and water treatment plants.

At Sunwater, we take environmentally sustainable responsibilities and workplace health and safety seriously with all providers of services. Our commitment is to provide a safe and risk-free environment for staff, contractors, customers and the community, which extends past our responsibility as a bulk water service provider. Central to our corporate culture is the value placed on safe work practices and taking every measure possible to ensure the safety of others.

Contractors, consultants and suppliers of goods and services that operate in these industries are encouraged to tender for the supply of goods and services, when and as required by Sunwater.

Doing business with us

Doing business with Sunwater is simple. Suppliers and Contractors who have been selected to provide services or goods to Sunwater must complete the following easy steps:

1. Read the guide Partnering with Sunwater (PDF)

2. Read Sunwater’s Conditions of Contract.

a. Where you have received a purchase order from Sunwater prior to or on 31 October 2018, the terms and conditions of the purchase order are MSG (Electronic Formation of Contract) V3

b. Where you have received a purchase order from Sunwater on or after the 1 November 2018, the terms and conditions of the purchase order are  MSG (Electronic Formation of Contract) V4

The online general induction must be completed prior to undertaking any work on a Sunwater premises or site. This will be followed by a site specific induction/checklist with a Sunwater representative upon arrival to site. Please coordinate your induction requirements with your Sunwater Site Representative.

Please view the Contractor Induction Online Portal guide.

Upon successful selection as a Sunwater Vendor, a Sunwater representative will forward you a Vendor Registration Form to complete. Please complete the form and attach applicable Insurance Certificates and a copy of your Bank Deposit Slip, Bank Statement or Bank Cheque by replying to the original email.

Your Sunwater representative will notify you of your Unique Vendor Number which is required to complete your online vendor induction.


Tenders will be called through the Queensland Government website QTenders.

All Vendors interested in supplying goods or services to Sunwater should ensure that they are registered on this website to receive notifications for open tenders when they are posted.