Old Mingo Crossing Bridge removal

Old Mingo Crossing Bridge removal

Burnett River, Queensland

Sunwater is removing the old Mingo Crossing Bridge to improve safety risks to recreational river users.

Old Mingo Crossing Bridge removal

The project

The old Mingo Crossing Bridge is located in the Paradise Dam impoundment area, 24 kilometres (by river) upstream from the dam wall. Prevailing dry conditions in the Burnett region have resulted in a lower Burnett River level and the bridge being seen just beneath or above the waterline posing a safety risk to recreational river users.

Sunwater is currently working towards removing the old Mingo Crossing Bridge in late 2021 – early 2022.


The old Mingo Bridge was submerged in the years following the construction and subsequent filling of Paradise Dam. A newer and elevated Mingo Crossing Bridge was erected alongside the old bridge in 2005. The old bridge has been submerged since 2005 until early 2021.

When Paradise Dam is at approximately 30 per cent of its temporary full supply volume, the Burnett River water level at Mingo Crossing is at, or below, approximately 50 metres AHD (elevation in metres, Australian Height Datum). At this level the old Mingo Crossing Bridge becomes visible above the waterline.

A lower than usual river level provides opportunity to remove the old bridge.

In December 2020, the North Burnett Regional Council-owned boat ramp at Mingo Crossing was closed as a safety precaution, due to the low water level.

Project work

Sunwater is currently progressing through a range of approvals with state and local government and assessing both a wet and a wet-and-dry methodology for removing the old bridge.

Wet methodology requires underwater work to be undertaken if the river level is high and the bridge is submerged at the planned time of removal. Wet and dry methodology involves work above and below the waterline and will be undertaken if the river level remains low.

The option used will be dependent on the level of the Burnett River at the planned time of project commencement.

Site establishment works are planned to begin in September 2021, weather dependant.

Community safety

The Mingo Crossing Caravan and Recreation Park will remain open during the works. Sunwater understands that visitor numbers are currently down, due to the low river levels, and will work to minimise disruption to park visitors.

Sunwater will continue to work with North Burnett Regional Council and Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) around recreational boating issues.

We have installed buoys along the old bridge alignment and will communicate the safety risks to recreational river users during low water levels.

We will continue to update this page and share information with the local community as the project progresses.