Water Safety

Water Safety

Dams and weirs are a great place to relax and have fun — but they come with potential hazards and risks. Most injuries around dams and weirs are a combination of being in unauthorised areas, excess alcohol consumption, skylarking, not boating to dam conditions, and general slips, trips and falls around recreation areas.

Visitors are required to comply with all relevant Queensland laws while on Sunwater property.

Dangers of trespassing

To help keep you safe, we restrict access to some areas around our dams and weirs where conditions can be dangerous and unpredictable.  

We use signage and fencing to alert you of these potential dangers and of the activities permitted in those areas.

While a restricted area may appear to be safe, tragedy can occur when you least expect. Restricted areas are also in place to protect aquatic species such as fish. 

When visiting Sunwater infrastructure, check what activities are permitted and make sure you have the appropriate permits for fishing, if required. Sunwater does not permit onshore fishing on or near weirs and dam walls.

If you choose to ignore the signs and directions and trespass in restricted areas, not only are you risking your safety, you’re also breaking the law and could be fined.

If you see dangerous behaviour or trespassers, contact the police or call Sunwater on 13 15 89.


  • Check signs, check conditions, check for hazards
  • Stay away from restricted areas and do not trespass
  • Ensure you have the appropriate permits for fishing, and
  • Keep a look out for friends, family and children and enjoy the waterway safety.  

Read the transcript of “The dangers of trespassing” video.

Safety tips for visiting a dam or weir

Safety tips for visiting a dam or weir chart
  • Always read the signs for information about hazards
  • Stay 200 metres from dam and weir walls
  • Check for shoreline hazards, extreme water temperatures and floating objects
  • Do not trespass on private property surrounding the lake or near the dam wall
  • Have fun without putting yourself or others in danger
  • Keep within the legal blood alcohol level when boating and swimming
  • Keep an eye out for friends, family and children
  • Know your swimming ability
  • Remember underwater rocks and logs are always present
  • Keep clear of swimmers when boating
  • Carry a first aid kit in case of injury
  • Remain alert and aware of your surroundings