Nogoa Mackenzie water up for grabs

Water users in the Nogoa Mackenzie region now have the opportunity to purchase unused water allocations.

Sunwater has 1368 megalitres of high priority water available for temporary trade through an auction.

The water will be auctioned in parcels on the Water Exchange platform until Thursday 3 and Friday 4 September 2020. The purchased water will be available for use in the water year ending 30 June 2021.

High priority allocations for the Nogoa Mackenzie Water Supply Schemes are 80 per cent for 2020-21. The auction potentially allows customers to meet any shortfall they may have due to lower than anticipated water availability.

Water can be purchased by existing Sunwater contract holders with an active offtake in the Nogoa Mackenzie Water Supply Scheme.

New customers can contact Sunwater to discuss eligibility. Trading activities are confidential, however, data relating to pricing and volumes are publicly available.

The final purchase price for the allocations will be determined by the market via the Water Exchange auction process.

Sunwater recognises the difficulty landholders face in this time of drought and works with customers across all of our schemes to find ways to maximise water availability.

As the water year progresses there is potential for dam inflows to occur and this will boost the announced allocation, which is revised monthly. More details about the auction can be found here.

Contact the Sunwater media team on (07) 3120 0047 or

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