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The Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme draws its water from Chinchilla Weir, located on the Condamine River. It supports irrigation along the alluvial flats of the river and supplements the town water supply for Chinchilla.

How the scheme works
  • The scheme utilses coal seam gas water treated at the Kenya Water Treatment Plant. Treated water is released into the Chinchilla Weir mainly for use by irrigators
  • Some irrigation customers take treated coal seam gas water from the Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme. These customers are required to complete a monthly irrigation report.
  • The release of treated water is regulated under the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection’s End of Waste Approval ENEW07542418
  • Sunwater conducts water quality monitoring and publishes quarterly data reports
Water uses
  • Irrigation water for farming
  • Urban water supply for Chinchilla.

Scheme Management

The Chinchilla Weir Water Supply Scheme Resource Operations Licence (ROL) published here requires Sunwater to operate in accordance with an operations manual that is approved by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. The operations manual states rules for the operation of infrastructure associated with the Chinchilla Weir scheme as well as water sharing rules and seasonal water assignment (temporary trade) rules.

The Chinchilla Weir Water Supply Scheme ROL Operations Manual was issued in February 2019.

Sunwater aims to achieve the efficient delivery of water to customers in the Chinchilla Weir scheme that best meets their needs.  To manage this water delivery, arrangements for taking of water within the Scheme have been developed in consultation with its Irrigator Advisory Committee.

Taking water from the scheme

The water ordering system assists Sunwater in delivering water to its customers in an efficient and timely way, enabling them to plan and manage their water use.

Before taking any water, customers should place a water order so that Sunwater can release sufficient water and minimise losses.

Customers who take water without ordering may reduce Sunwater’s ability to supply customers who have ordered according to the above requirements.

To place an order

Customers can place their orders via:

Further information about ordering water is detailed in Chinchilla Weir’s Rules and Targets.

Stopping or restricting supply

Sunwater may suspend or restrict supply in a number of circumstances, including:

  • during maintenance of Sunwater’s assets
  • during a peak demand period, when rosters or rations may apply
  • when the demand for water is so small it is impractical to supply it
  • when there is a need to make special releases to maximise efficiency at times of limited supply
  • during rain shutdown
  • infrastructure limitations which make delivery impractical
  • if supply could cause Sunwater to break the law
  • when operating under special notices or regulations issued by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines {e.g. Water Amendment Regulation (No.3) 2006}.
Weather events and emergency shutdowns

Sunwater asks that customers notify their duty Water Officer, as soon as possible, of any rain event or other circumstances that substantially lessens their water requirements. When wide spread general rain exceeds 40 mm in a day over the Chinchilla Weir Water Supply Scheme, the duty Water Officer may shut the system down.

Customers are also asked to cancel orders if they no longer require ordered water.

For more information contact

If you experience an equipment or power failure emergency, please give immediate notice to Sunwater by calling Sunwater Customer Support on 13 15 89 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Chinchilla Weir’s Irrigator Advisory Committee

The Chinchilla Weir Irrigator Advisory Committee is a group of irrigators within the scheme that have been elected by irrigation customers to represent their interests in relation to scheme operations and water supply issues and improvements with Sunwater.

The committee:

  • provides advice and recommendations to Sunwater regarding scheme operational issues
  • represents the interests of the broader irrigator base in respect of Sunwater’s ongoing operation of the water supply scheme
  • provides a mechanism for Sunwater and its customers to raise and discuss matters of mutual interest in relation to the management of the physical aspects of the scheme and customer relationship issues.
  • work collaboratively with Sunwater to identify and introduce new approaches and improvements to water management.
Committee members
John BenderChairperson
David UebergangCommittee Member
Ian WolskiCommittee Member
Mark JenynsCommittee Member

Stay up to date with the Chinchilla Weir Irrigator Advisory Committee.

Announced Allocations

Water Year: 2020/2021
High  priority: 100%
Medium priority: 100% (previously 0%)

Announced Allocations effective 1 April 2021 and will be applicable until revised and communicated by Sunwater.


In accordance with provisions of Section 6(1) of the Chinchilla Weir Water Supply Scheme Operations Manual, where the scheme level in Chinchilla Weir is –

(a) greater than or equal to 294.39m AHD – the ROL holder may make releases from Chinchilla Weir to supply water allocations in zones CBS-02, CBS-03 and CBS-04; and

(b) less than 294.39m AHD and greater than or equal to 292.71m AHD – the ROL holder may make releases from Chinchilla Weir to supply water allocations in zone CBS-02.

In accordance with provisions of Section 6(2) of the Chinchilla Weir Water Supply Scheme Operations Manual, Medium Priority water allocation holders in zone CBS-01 must not take water when the scheme water level in Chinchilla Weir is less than 292.71 m AHD.

If these rules are activated, this may impact on Sunwater’s ability to supply all of the announced allocation volume.

Further information on Medium Priority cut off can be found here.

Customers are advised to obtain information about their remaining water allocation balance by accessing SunwaterOnline.

For more information or enquiries, phone 13 15 89 or email

History of Announced Allocations
Chinchilla Weir

AA history

Operational reports

Sunwater releases periodic operational reports detailing Announced Allocation levels and individual storages’ breakdowns within each scheme, the latest of which can be found below.

Operational Report

effective 1 April 2021

Operational Report

effective 1 July 2020

Operational Report

effective 10 February 2020

Operational Report

effective 30 January 2020

Operational Report

effective 1 July 2019


Service and Performance Plans

Sunwater prepares an annual Service and Performance Plan (S&PP) for each irrigation service contract area. S&PPs replace the former annual Network Service Plans and annual Performance Reports.
For further information about this service, please visit the Service and Performance Plan page.

Chinchilla Bulk Supply

2022 Draft Service and Performance Plan


Chinchilla Bulk Supply

2021 Service and Performance Plan

Chinchilla Bulk Supply

2020 Network Service Plan


Scheme news

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Chinchilla Beneficial Use Scheme

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Scheme history

Chinchilla water melons are plated up ahead of the crowds descending at the Chinchilla Melon Festival
Chinchilla water melons are plated up ahead of the crowds descending at the Chinchilla Melon Festival.
Image courtesy of Chinchilla Melon Festival

Chinchilla Weir Water Supply Scheme

The famed melon-growing area around Chinchilla on the western downs has seen a surge in coal seam gas production in recent years.

The Kenya Water Treatment Plant, some 20 km southwest of Chinchilla Weir, supplies treated coal seam gas water into Chinchilla Weir via Sunwater’s Kenya to Chinchilla Weir Pipeline. The water is treated to remove contaminants and reduce salinity.

Built in 1973 on the Condamine River, the weir supplies water for irrigation and the urban supply needs of the town. Despite the boom in mining activity, agriculture remains the mainstay of the community, with beef and pork production, cotton growing, and horticulture relying on water from the weir.

Chinchilla identifies as the “Melon Capital of Australia” and plays host to a Melon Festival every second year.