Statement regarding positive COVID-19 case at Rookwood Weir site

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Sunwater’s priority is the safety of its people, customers, delivery partners and the community.

All employees currently on-site at Rookwood Weir are isolating in individual rooms and will remain in quarantine for 14 days.

Each ensuite room has an individual air-conditioning unit and workers are allowed outside by themselves for fresh air but there is no congregating.

Sunwater appreciates the impact on site staff and their families and is working with project partners to alleviate these impacts where possible.

Everyone at the camp completed COVID tests over the weekend.

Sunwater has provided contact details to Queensland Health for all other workers and visitors to the site between Wednesday 28 and Friday 30 July.

A COVID-response plan is in place for the project and being adhered to.

All non-essential project work is currently suspended and travel to and from the site has ceased.

Sunwater will continue working with Queensland Health to support its contact tracing program.

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