Check things out before getting in the water this summer

With a busy holiday season set to start, Sunwater is reminding recreational users of its waterways to stay vigilant, especially when visiting those with lower water levels.

Lower water levels across our dams, lakes and weirs mean submerged hazards can lurk just below the surface, increasing the chance of accidents occurring for locals and visitors alike.

As Queensland is forecast to receive higher-than-average rainfall this summer, significant flows into our dams, lakes and weirs can also result in changes within the waterways.

To educate regional Queenslanders about the risks associated with water-based activities, Sunwater has launched an advertising campaign on the dangers of not checking things out before getting in the water.

The campaign is being aired in locations closest to Sunwater’s assets and will run until January.

Sunwater Chief Executive Officer Glenn Stockton urges holiday-makers to have fun while enjoying waterways safely.

“After a tough year navigating COVID-19, it’s understandable people want to come together outside and enjoy the summer months swimming, boating and fishing,” he said.

“But visiting our dams, especially those with lower water levels, should be done with caution.

“While things may appear calm on the water, there can be submerged hazards such as tree branches, stumps, sharp, loose or slippery rocks, sandbanks and debris, which can cause serious injury.”

Whether the water level is high or low, boats should always obey speed limits and only tow water skiers and boarders in deeper areas.

Swimmers should also be aware of their abilities as strong currents and undertows can be present. Additionally, underwater hazards can move with the currents, arising in shallow areas previously thought to be safe.

Before heading to a dam, lake or weir this season, visitors should check storage levels on the Sunwater website or app. Recreation users should also check signs, check conditions, and visit the Maritime Safety Queensland website for the latest speed restrictions on inland waterways before entering the water.

Queenslanders can learn more about the “Check things out before you get in” campaign here.

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