Callide Dam Gates Project

Callide Dam Gates Project

Callide Dam, Biloela, Queensland

This maintenance project has been set up to investigate, repair and restore Callide Dam’s gates to address intermittent occurrences of vibration during their operation. This project will ensure ongoing dam safety and long-term water security.

Project overview

The Callide Dam Gates Project has been set up to investigate, repair and restore the spillway gates to address intermittent occurrences of vibration during their operation and ensure ongoing dam safety and long-term water security.

Since their installation in 1988, the spillway gates have operated on seven flood event occasions, and during three of these, Sunwater has observed vibrations in the gates. Despite ongoing investigations, including engagement with numerous experts, no cause has been identified for the vibration events. 

With current low water levels and the dry season ahead, this is an opportune time to gain access to the gates to conduct maintenance, testing and investigate and address the gate vibration whilst minimising the impact on available water supply. The steps of the project are detailed on the project stages page here.


Callide Dam is a gated dam with its primary function being to store water for regional irrigation, industrial and urban use.

Callide Dam’s six large spillway gates were installed in 1988 and are an integral part of the Callide Dam operation system, allowing flows from upstream to pass through the dam. The gates’ operations protect the integrity of the dam structure and from water rising above the full supply level, to minimise the risk of dam overflow. Find out more about Callide Dam here.

Community engagement

Sunwater is committed to engaging openly and transparently with its customers, stakeholders and community. The safety of our people and the community is our number one priority.

Sunwater set up a project information display in the Biloela Shoppingworld in late May where a Sunwater representative was available to answer questions regarding the project.

The project is also engaging with customers through industry briefings and information sessions. 


Callide Dam, approximately 12km from Biloela in Central Queensland.

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