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Boondooma Dam Spillway Repairs Project

The 2011 Queensland floods caused significant scouring of the Boondooma Dam spillway chute and its reinforced concrete Erosion Control Structure downstream. The scouring resulted from the impact of energy from the flood water on the spillway chute rock. Further flood damage in 2013 resulted in Sunwater working collaboratively with customers and stakeholders to identify a solution that returned the spillway to its pre-flood risk profile at a minimum life cycle cost.

What was involved?

  • Stabilisation of the spillway right wall immediately downstream of the ECS
  • Construction of a secondary ECS 30 metres upstream of the existing ECS
  • Defensive anchors within the unlined spillway chute
  • Capping of the dykes between the existing and new ECS
  • Concrete wall protection between the crest and ECS
  • Strengthening of the existing ogee crest with corrosion protected anchoring.

The repair project enhanced the spillway’s safety to enable continued reliable water supply to Tarong Power Station and irrigation customers along the Boyne River.

Major milestones

  • Works commenced in January 2017
  • Works were successfully completed under budget in April 2018.


Boondooma Dam, Queensland
Approximately 50km north-west of Wondai.