Sunwater has been recognised for our significant advances in fishway design.

Since early 1990 we have extensively tested, implemented and evaluated fishway design, in particular vertical slot and fish lock type fishways.

We are committed to creating ‘fish friendly’ environments. Our fish passage design and construction focuses on factors that make a fishway operate efficiently, including:

  • adequate attraction flow
  • well-designed entrances
  • hydraulic conditions within the fishway
  • well-placed exits
  • targeting species behaviour and responding to particular hydraulic conditions.

We have developed considerable expertise in retro-fitting fishways to existing structures and in particular, converting traditional pool and weir fishways to the more effective vertical slot type.

Vertical slot fish ladders have been successfully incorporated into eight weirs and barrages in Queensland, with one operating successfully through a seven-metre lift — the highest in Australia.

Fish locks are generally better suited for higher structures (those exceeding six metres). To date we have constructed six fish locks. These proven fish lock designs are the result of extensive model testing and on-site monitoring and are effective for the passage of a broad range of fish species.

Check out the most recent operational report of our fishways or view our fishways portfolio.