Dam emergency sirens audible testing


Sunwater will conduct audible (‘live’) testing of its dam emergency sirens for Kinchant, Teemburra, Paradise, Coolmunda, Callide and Fairbairn Dams during October 2023.  

The sirens are located in the communities of North Eton, Pinnacle, Coringa, Inglewood, Biloela and Emerald respectively. 

Each siren test will last up to three minutes. The siren will sound along with voice announcements of ‘THIS IS ONLY A TEST’.     Testing dates, times and locations are as follows:   

Kinchant Dam | Tuesday 10 October 2023 

  • The siren located at the North Eton Community Park Kinchant Road, North Eton will be tested between 9:00am and 12:00pm

Kinchant Dam Siren Map

Teemburra Dam | Tuesday 10 October 2023

The siren located on Lucas Paddock Road, Pinnacle will be tested between 9:00am and 12:00pm

Teemburra Dam Siren Map

Paradise Dam | Wednesday 11 October 2023

  • The siren located at Paradise Dam and the siren located approximately 7.5km downstream of Paradise Dam at Coringa will be tested between 10:00am and 12:00pm 

Paradise Dam Siren Map

Coolmunda Dam | Thursday 12 October 2023

  • The siren located at Rabbits Hill, adjacent to Potters Road, Inglewood will be tested between 10:00am and 11:00am 

Coolmunda Dam Siren Map

Callide Dam | Wednesday 18 October 2023 

The sirens located in Biloela at Linkes Road, and adjacent to the water tower on Earlsfield Street will be tested between10:00amand12:00 pm 

Callide Dam Siren Map

Fairbairn Dam | Thursday 19 October 2023 

  • The sirens located in Emerald at Rundle Park, Opal Street and The East Nogoa Water Treatment Plant on Rivergum Drive will be tested between 10:00am and 12:00pm 

Fairbairn Dam Siren Map

Why do we have sirens?  

Sunwater’s Dam Emergency Sirens complement existing warning systems and are part of an effort to continually improve Sunwater’s emergency management processes.    

The sirens are only activated in the unlikely event of a dam failure as part of its’ Emergency Action Plan, ensuring downstream communities receive urgent warning alerts.  

The sirens are not activated during water releases or standard flood operations.  

Why are the tests being conducted?  

Sunwater conducts regular silent testing and monitoring of the dam emergency siren systems.   

Audible or ‘live’ testing is the most effective way for Sunwater to ensure the sirens are working and can be operated properly in the event of an emergency that could lead to dam failure.   

Audible testing is also an important method of reminding people that the sirens exist as the tests create awareness of what the sirens sound like and helps to prepare communities for a very unlikely event leading to a dam failure.    

What do I need to do?  

No action is required by community members during the test however, Sunwater urges residents to secure their pets and check-in with neighbours to ensure they are aware that the tests are being conducted.      

Will I hear the siren?  

There are many variables which may influence where the sound travels including wind direction, the topography of the landscape and other noise interference at the time, such as machinery. Depending on where you are at the time of testing you may not hear the siren, but it is important to remember that the emergency sirens are one of many tools that will be used to alert you in the unlikely event of a dam failure.  

To learn more about Sunwater’s Dam Emergency Sirens, please visit the Emergency Management page