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Boondooma Dam

Part of the:

Boyne River and Tarong

Water Supply Scheme


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General information

Scheme name
Boyne River and Tarong
Stream name
Boyne River
Lake name
Lake Boondooma
Structure description
Concrete-faced rockfill
Algae Level
Storage capacity (ML)
Year completed


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Visitor information

Thank you for visiting Boondooma Dam and helping us keep our dam recreational facilities a fun and safe place to relax and have a good time.




Recreational facilities are provided by South Burnett Regional Council. See their website for more details.


Boondooma is stocked with Murray Cod and Mary River Cod, bass, golden perch, silver perch and saratoga. There is also a naturally occurring population of Tandans (Eel tailed catfish) and spangled perch.

In 1993-94 approximately 60-65,000 Barramundi were released into Boondooma as it was felt that this was possibly the furthest south that barramundi could survive. A Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP) is required to fish at Lake Boondooma.


There is a good quality, two-lane boat ramp available. There are normally no boating restrictions on Lake Boondooma however there is a no fishing / boating zone around the dam wall.


Camping is permitted on site with limited cabins available.


For everyone’s enjoyment and safety, please keep your pet on a leash or restrained during your visit.

Antisocial behaviour

If you observe vandalism, antisocial behaviour or any illegal activities, please contact the Police immediately on 000.


Help us keep all recreational areas clean and tidy by using the rubbish bins provided.  If rubbish bins are full please take your rubbish with you. Please also take any seafood rubbish with you to reduce odour.

Commercial or large group activities

Please note that approval is required for the use of Sunwater land for any event or function other than normal visitor activities in approved recreational areas. Events or functions include, but are not limited to fishing, swimming, rowing, boating or skiing competitions or displays, community events, weddings or other organised activities. To gain approval, submit a General Application for Access to Sunwater Land or Infrastructure and Events, or contact us on 13 15 89.

Motorcycles and other vehicles

The recreational use of registered and unregistered motorcycles and four wheelers within the camping area and the surrounding private property is strictly prohibited.  The speed limit in the camping area is 20km/h.


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Safety information

Most injuries around dams and weirs are a combination of being in unauthorised areas, excess alcohol consumption, skylarking, not boating to dam conditions and general slips, trips and falls around recreation areas. Enjoy the surroundings of your local dam or weir and stay safe by looking out for potential hazards and risks.