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Asset management

Sunwater’s extensive database of maintenance history across our asset portfolio allows us to develop whole-of-life maintenance plans for both opex and capex programs. This approach ensures asset owners can increase efficiencies, while minimising costs, over the life of a portfolio.

Our maintenance strategies are constantly updated through failure analysis and feedback from operators, maintainers and customers.

We develop asset maintenance strategies for:

Condition-based maintenance — routine or non-routine condition assessment or condition monitoring determines the maintenance frequency

Calendar-based maintenance — maintenance frequencies are set at pre-determined intervals (i.e. weekly or monthly)

Hours-run-based maintenance — maintenance frequencies are determined by the amount of work the asset has undertaken measured in machine run hours

Run to failure — assets are operated until failure which triggers either a maintenance intervention or replacement.

Sunwater offers asset management across a number of infrastructure types and programs including:

Sunwater’s growing portfolio of water treatment services ranges from operations and maintenance services to new plant infrastructure, plant upgrades and fluoridation.
Drinking water quality management plan

Total water treatment solutions

  • Operation and maintenance services; focussing on delivering operational cost reductions
  • Design, supply and installation of new treatment plants and plant upgrades, including:
  • business case development
  • regulatory applications and approvals
  • site-based management plans
  • design review of existing systems
  • commissioning, performance monitoring and validation
  • Treatment plant acquisition and operation and maintenance
  • Build-Own-Operate (BOO) contracts; delivering optimal technological and economic solutions
  • Fluoridation system design and installation
  • Funding assistance; as part of the Queensland Fluoridation Consortium.
Potable water treatment plants we manage
  • Burdekin Falls Water Treatment Plant
  • Clare Water Treatment Plant
  • Eungella Water Treatment Plant
  • Fairbairn Water Treatment Plant
  • Glenlyon Water Treatment Plant
  • Mutchilba Water Treatment Plant
  • Peter Faust Water Treatment Plant
  • Coolmunda Dam Water Treatment Plant

Name of Pipeline

Length and Size Number of Pump Stations

Kenya to Chinchilla Weir Pipeline
19km/1000mm 1 (36,500ML/annum)
Burdekin to Moranbah Pipeline
218km/800mm 4 (23,000ML/annum)
BMA-Eungella Pipeline
119km/450-600mm 2 (6,200ML/annum)
BMA-Bingegang Pipeline
134km/375-495mm 6 (9,650ML/annum)
BMA-Braeside Pipeline
97km/225-450mm 1 (3,250ML/annum)
BMA-Braeside Pipeline
67km/225-300mm 3 (1,465ML/annum)
BMA-Selma Pipeline
64km/450mm 2 (3,200ML/annum)
BMA-Bedford West Pipeline
40km/300mm 3 (680ML/annum)
Collinsville Pipeline
120km/525mm 3 (5,000ML/annum)
Xstrata-Newlands Pipeline
53km/450mm 1 (1,400ML/annum)
Blackwater Pipeline
57km/525-373mm 3 (3,000ML/annum)
Stanwell Pipeline
28km/900mm 1 (24,000ML/annum)
Awoonga-Callide Pipeline
80.9km/700mm 3 (27,500ML/annum)
Tarong Pipeline
96km/1,085mm 3 (31,240ML/annum)
Eungella Water Pipeline
239km/450-700mm 2 (15,000ML/annum)
North West Pipeline
148km/660mm 3 (15,000ML/annum)

Sunwater has designed, constructed and operates drainage networks and irrigation services through our water supply schemes which provide water to some 5,000 irrigation customers who produce cotton, sugarcane, grain, fodder and other agricultural crops.

For more information refer to your scheme

In determining “Headworks Utilisation Factors” (HUFs), we have developed and apply a robust methodology that apportion each water supply scheme’s (WSS’s) storage headworks volumetric capacity utilised by each water entitlement priority group in the scheme.

This is a key consideration for our allocation of the relevant capital costs (i.e. asset value and renewal costs) associated with our bulk water assets.

Having built and managed 21 major dams, we’re experts in dam safety and the intricate regulations and issues that impact the maintenance of bulk water infrastructure. Our extensive first-hand knowledge and experience ensures we deliver effective solutions and on-going support through dam safety reviews, inspections and reports. Our full-service offer

  • Reviewing flood hydrology, geology, seismicity and embankment stability
  • Accessing filter and rockfill materials
  • Reviewing structural and hydraulic designs
  • Dam break analysis
  • Emergency action plans
  • Hazard assessment including dam failure impact assessment
  • Identifying paths to failure and structural deficiencies
  • Auditing documentation
  • Risk assessment and risk management programs
  • Site rehabilitation and remedial action planning
  • Surveillance and inspection