Application for Access to Sunwater Land or Infrastructure and Events

Application for Access to Sunwater Land or Infrastructure and Events

For customers and the community seeking to access Sunwater land or infrastructure, including for the purpose of events, fees apply depending on the category of access required.

How to apply

For event applications, please complete sections 1, 2, 5 and 6 of the below online form, ensuring that a copy of the Certificate of Currency is emailed to following the form submission.

For land or infrastructure applications, please complete sections 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the below online form, ensuring that the supporting documentation is emailed to following the form submission.  

Sunwater will acknowledge the receipt of all applications within five business days and will conduct a preliminary assessment of the application within 10 business days (or as such other time advised by Sunwater).

Please note, if you would prefer to complete a paper application form a printable version is available here.

Fees schedule

View a copy of the fees schedule here.


For more information or assistance, please contact or telephone 13 15 89.

Application form

* Fields are compulsory, other fields are optional.

    1. Applicant details

    Applicant's property (lot description)

    2. Event/function

    Application to be submitted one (1) month prior to event/function.

    Note: To hold an aquatic event, a permit may be required from Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ). Please contact MSQ to check if your event requires approval. If so, Sunwater will require a copy of MSQ's approval to hold the event.

    If yes, please provide copies of licences/permits/approvals.

    Event/function insurance requirements

    Note: If the current policy expires before the event is due to take place, Sunwater will require a copy of the updated certificate of currency prior to giving its approval for the event to be held.

    Note: The event/activity to be undertaken must be included within your insurance cover (or not excluded).

    The certificate of currency must list 'Sunwater Limited'/'Burnett Water Pty Ltd' (as applicable) as an interested party with respect to the event. Please refer to your insurer.

    If no, please refer to your insurer to fulfil this requirement before the event application can be approved.

    3. Land licence agreement

    4. Third party access to Sunwater land

    Supporting documentation and information

    Note: No preliminary assessment can be completed without these documents. Please ensure you submit the below supporting documents to the Sunwater Property team mailbox at

    • Location plan/sketch

    • Details of proposed minor works plus plan/sketch

    • Details of proposed access/utility crossing plus Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ) approved plans

    • Safe Work Method Statement for proposed works

    • Insurance policy - must be in the name of the applicant

    • Scope of works and any additional information to support the application

    5. Application process

    • Sunwater will acknowledge receipt of this Application within 5 business days and will conduct a preliminary assessment of the Application within 10 business days (or such other timeframe as advised by Sunwater) and issue invoice for payment

    • Sunwater will consider whether there are any matters preventing the Application progressing further

    • Once the preliminary assessment is complete, Sunwater will inform the Applicant if any further information is required and when a final decision will be available, including any other reason for a delay in that decision

    • Please note that Sunwater Licence Agreements are not transferable or assignable

    6. Applicant's acknowledgement*

    I/we agree to pay all fees relevant to the application in accordance with Application Category. I/we understand that these fees are non-refundable and payment of the fee does not guarantee an application approval. Sunwater reserves the right to refuse any application. I/we declare that the information provided on this form is true and correct.

    When you submit this form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please reply to the email, attach the supporting documentation, and send to

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