Flood repair works completed at Fred Haigh Dam

Fred Haigh Dam works completed

Works to repair scour damage downstream of the Fred Haigh Dam spillway near Gin Gin have recently been completed. The works repaired the damage caused by the energy impact of floodwater on the spillway channel, sustained during weather events in 2011, 2013 and 2017. The works commenced in September 2020 and involved excavating 500 m3 […]

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Check things out before getting in the water this summer

Submerged Hazards

With a busy holiday season set to start, Sunwater is reminding recreational users of its waterways to stay vigilant, especially when visiting those with lower water levels. Lower water levels across our dams, lakes and weirs mean submerged hazards can lurk just below the surface, increasing the chance of accidents occurring for locals and visitors […]

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Public comment now open for Burdekin Falls Dam Raising EIS draft terms of reference

Burdekin Falls Dam

Sunwater is pleased to advise that Queensland’s Coordinator-General has released the draft terms of reference for public comment on the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Burdekin Falls Dam Raising Project. The Burdekin Falls Dam Raising Project is a proposal to raise the existing Burdekin Falls Dam as a potential means to increase water supply […]

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Nogoa Mackenzie water auction underway

Water customers in the Nogoa Mackenzie region can purchase unused high priority water allocations with Sunwater making 347 megalitres of water available for temporary trade through an online auction. The water is being auctioned in parcels on the Water Exchange platform until Friday 27 November 2020. The purchased water will be available for use in […]

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Fairbairn Dam upgrade enhances safety

Fairbairn Dam

A five-year project to strengthen one of Central Queensland’s biggest dams has been completed. The $170 million upgrade at Emerald’s 48-year-old Fairbairn Dam will ensure it can better withstand large flood events. “I am delighted to confirm the critical Fairbairn Dam Improvement Project, which began in 2016, has been finished ahead of schedule,” Sunwater Chief […]

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Paradise Dam supply level update

Paradise Dam

Sunwater has updated Paradise Dam’s supply level and current capacity to reflect the height of the dam wall. This is necessary to provide clarity for operational and safety matters, and to ensure the community has access to accurate and consistent information. In the event of extreme weather conditions, it is important that 100% capacity represents […]

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