Glenlyon Dam – spill event

Glenlyon spilling

Update 3 – Monday 11 April 2022, 5:22pm

Glenlyon Dam is 100.9% capacity and the volume of excess water flowing over the spillway is decreasing.

If downstream of the dam, expect continued river flows and remember if it’s flooded, forget it.

An update will be issued if further rainfall in the catchment cause flows to increase

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Update 2 – Sunday 27 March 2022, 9:27pm

Glenlyon Dam is currently 100.1% capacity and spilling excess water. Outflows are expected to increase overnight due to rainfall in the catchment. Water flows are expected to remain within the beds and banks of river.

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Update 1 – Thursday 24 March 2022, 5.19pm

Glenlyon Dam is currently 99% capacity and may spill excess water overnight due to forecast rainfall in the catchment. An update will be issued if the dam starts spilling.

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