At Sunwater, we’re focused on minimising our impact on the environment.

Through the implementation of our ISO14001:2015-certified Environmental Management System, we aim to:

  • optimise project management and operational procedures that minimise Sunwater’s ecological footprint and to ensure full compliance with environmental legislation
  • minimise Sunwater’s impacts on native fish populations and prevent the spread of pest fish
  • proactively manage weeds on Sunwater owned and managed property and investigate alternate, more sustainable methods of weed control.

Sunwater’s Environmental Management System Certificate of Registration is found here.

Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy is a roadmap for the future direction of Sunwater as an environmentally aware organisation. In conjunction with our staff code of conduct and corporate objectives, this policy guides our business operations in the way we meet statutory obligations, our own corporate goals and progress on sustainable practices.

At Sunwater, we are all responsible for the environment which surrounds us and of which we’re a part of. Sunwater believes all employees are responsible for environmental protection. In addition, Sunwater will ensure our operations contribute to a sustainable environment through our three values:

We Value People

  • Providing ongoing environmental awareness training and support for employees
  • Maintaining effective communication with our employees and other stakeholders, such as customers and visitors to our recreation areas, to ensure all environmental management practices are followed.

We Work Together

  • Continuously improving our environmental management by setting measurable goals, monitoring, reporting and reviewing the effectiveness of the management system
  • Actively engaging with natural resource management groups and government agencies to achieve good environmental outcomes by preventing pollution or serious environmental harm.

We Take Responsibility

  • Minimising the potential for adverse impacts from our activities on the environment and requiring our contractors to do the same
  • Seeking to identify other ways of improving our environment performance e.g. through innovation and application of new methods
  • Setting achievable environmental targets and reporting against these
  • Reporting and investigating environmental incidents
  • Fulfilling Sunwater’s environmental compliance obligations.

If you have any questions about Sunwater’s Environmental Policy or would like to report an environmental concern, contact us via the online feedback form or on 13 15 89.