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Overnight inflow brings big boost to Burdekin Falls Dam capacity

12 Feb 2008

A surge of more than 420,000 megalitres of water has poured into the Burdekin Falls Dam in the past 24 hours.

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Bundaberg and Burnett dams have benefited from recent rainfall across the region.

06 Feb 2008

Bundaberg and Burnett dams have benefited from recent rainfall across the region.

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Fairbairn Dam performed well during Emerald’s major flood event

04 Feb 2008

More than 9,000 megalitres of water continues to pour over the crest of the Fairbairn Dam every day after the State’s second largest dam spilled for the first time in 17 years just over two weeks ago.

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Dam jumpers putting themselves at risk: SunWater

24 Jan 2008

People jumping off Leslie Dam have been warned they not only risk injury but also a penalty for their actions.

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Fairbairn Dam fills and spills after 17 years

20 Jan 2008

A sight not seen for more than 17 years was on full display at Fairbairn Dam this weekend when a torrent of water poured over the spillway crest of Queensland’s second largest dam.

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North Eton residents advised to alter travel plans today due to flooding

17 Jan 2008

SunWater is advising North Eton residents that the road between North Eton and Kinchant Dam is currently inundated by local run off at the North Branch of Sandy Creek.

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State’s largest dam still spilling thanks to wet weather in the North

14 Jan 2008

More than half a million megalitres of water has poured out over Queensland’s largest dam thanks to significant rainfall right across the Burdekin Falls Dam’s catchment area.

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Wet weather brings increased water allocations for irrigators

13 Jan 2008

SunWater is advising customers in the Upper Condamine Water Supply Scheme that Medium Priority Announced Allocations have been increased after steady inflows into Leslie Dam.

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