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We are committed to supporting not-for-profit organisations and grassroots community groups dedicated to making a difference and providing lasting benefits in our communities.

Our sponsorship program focuses on the following priority areas:

  • Regional growth and development
  • Education for regional and rural communities
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Community safety and resilience

Before you apply

Before completing an application, we encourage you to read the applicant guidelines to ensure your proposal is eligible for our consideration and aligns to the SunWater brand and business.

We aim to create mutually beneficial relationships with organisations and community groups where we share common values and together make a positive contribution within our areas of operations in Queensland.

To ensure we have enough time to review your proposal and, for approved sponsorships, to finalise our sponsorship agreement, please allow at least six weeks. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible so we can work together and provide the appropriate support in preparing for your event or initiative.

How to apply

Please complete our online form to submit the details of your sponsorship proposal. Submission of your application does not automatically guarantee our commitment to your proposal. The decision to enter into a sponsorship agreement with a particular party or organisation is made at SunWater’s absolute discretion.

How we evaluate

Sponsorship applications are evaluated against a set of defined sponsorship criteria. The criteria has been developed to ensure we establish relationships that are meaningful, align with our values and are mutually beneficial for SunWater and the receiving organisation.

If your application is approved, the sponsorship will be formalised through a written Sponsorship Agreement which you will need to sign and return to SunWater.

More information

For further information please email

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