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SunWater Board Appoints Chief Executive Officer

23 Mar 2016

The SunWater Board is pleased to announce that Ms Nicole Hollows has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer and will commence in late April.

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Parents urged to talk about dam safety ahead of Easter holidays

18 Mar 2016

SunWater is urging parents to talk to their children about the dangers of trespassing and of taking risks at local waterways ahead of the Easter school holidays.

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SunWater reminds campers of safety requirements at Wuruma Dam

15 Mar 2016

SunWater is urging all campers and visitors planning a trip to Wuruma Dam over the Easter period to stay safe.

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SunWater Weirs are not a playground

03 Mar 2016

Two members of the public armed with boogie boards and rubber tubes were recently caught trespassing at Claude Wharton Weir.

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Fishermen breaking the law by cutting fences and ignoring signs

10 Feb 2016

More than twenty fishermen were witnessed by SunWater staff fishing in a restricted area at Kinchant Dam throughout the past week.

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Callide Dam release update

05 Feb 2016

SunWater manually opened the Callide Dam gates at 1.30am this morning (Friday) when the dam level reached 100 percent ( as per current operating procedures).

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SunWater safety campaign highlights trespassing dangers

02 Feb 2016

SunWater has recently launched a new safety campaign to remind the community about the risks of trespassing and the potential hazards when visiting dams, weirs and channels.

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Callide Valley Flood Review Update - January 2016

28 Jan 2016

The January edition of the Callide Valley Flood Review Update is now available. If you are interested in viewing the newsletter, please click here.

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Dam Improvement Program strengthens SunWater’s dams

22 Jan 2016

SunWater’s experienced team is delivering an extensive Dam Improvement Program ensuring a strong future of reliable water supply from SunWater’s dams.

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Disappointing dangerous behaviour at Kirar Weir

11 Jan 2016

SunWater staff witnessed youth putting their safety at risk while trespassing at Kirar Weir over the holiday season.

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