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Asset Management

Meeting client objectives and needs is critical to SunWater’s success in asset management.

Our approach to asset management begins with a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) that aligns customer service standards with asset objectives. By utilising well established Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) methodologies, we are able to leverage off our substantial database of maintenance history across our asset portfolio to develop whole of life maintenance plans, which include both Opex and Capex programs. The whole of life approach ensures that asset owners can minimise their cash outlays over the life of a portfolio.

Across SunWater, maintenance strategies are constantly updated through a process of failure analysis, and feedback from operators, maintainers, and customers.

Our asset maintenance strategies cover the following categories:

  • Condition based maintenance; routine or non-routine condition assessment or condition monitoring determines the maintenance frequency
  • Calendar based maintenance; maintenance frequencies are set at pre-determined intervals based on time (i.e. weekly or monthly)
  • Hours run based maintenance; maintenance frequencies are determined by the amount of work the asset has undertaken measured in machine run hours, and
  • Run to failure; assets are operated until failure which triggers either a maintenance intervention or replacement.

SunWater offers expertise across a number of infrastructure types and programs including: