The SunWaterOnline Instructions document is available to help with common tasks.

For more information regarding SunWaterOnline, please check the Frequently Asked Questions section below or contact the SunWaterOnline Support Team on 13 15 89.


  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is SunWaterOnline?
      • SunWaterOnline is an online water management tool designed to give SunWater customers greater access to their water management and financial information any day at any time. SunWaterOnline can be used to:
        • View remaining water allocation balances daily
        • Enter meter readings to effectively track water usage
        • Check the financial position of a customer account
        • Perform a Temporary Transfer
        • Enter a Water Order
    • Where do I find information about SunWaterOnline?
      • To find out more about SunWaterOnline you can phone our SunWaterOnline Support Team on 13 15 89.
    • How do I access SunWaterOnline?
      • Access to SunWaterOnline is through the SunWater home page or you can login from here.
    • How do I register for SunWaterOnline?
      • Click here to access the SunWaterOnline registration. Before you begin, ensure you have all of the required documentation for registration. Items that you will require include an active email account and your customer or water account information. Remember, you must be a SunWater customer or an authorised representative to successfully apply for registration.
    • How do I enter a Meter Read?
    • How do I enter a Water Order?
    • How do I enter a Temporary Transfer Request?
    • How do I enter a Carryover Request?
    • I've forgotten my SunWaterOnline password, what do I do?
      • If you have forgotten your SunWaterOnline password, you can have it resent to you. Simply click on the SunWaterOnline icon on the home page and then select the Forgotten Password link and provide your Login ID when directed and Select Send Password. Alternatively, you can phone our SunWaterOnline Support Team on 13 15 89 to have your password reset.
    • How do I change my SunWaterOnline password
      • If you are registered for SunWaterOnline and would like to change your password, simply:
        • Login to SunWaterOnline
        • Click the My Contact Details Tab
        • Click the Change Password menu item
        • Complete the Old Password field
        • Complete the New Password field
        • Complete the Confirm New Password field
        • Click Submit
        • Click Continue

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