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Pump stations and pipelines

Sunwater is the largest operator and maintainer of industrial water pipelines in Queensland, with 16 pipelines currently under our operation.

In addition to the contracts listed below Sunwater also operates and maintains hundreds of kilometres of water supply pipelines within our own irrigation schemes across the state.

Name of PipelineLength and SizeNumber of Pump Stations
Kenya to Chinchilla Weir Pipeline 19km/1000mm 1 (36,500ML/annum)
Burdekin to Moranbah Pipeline218km/800mm4 (23,000ML/annum)
BMA-Eungella Pipeline119km/450-600mm2 (6,200ML/annum)
BMA-Bingegang Pipeline134km/375-495mm6 (9,650ML/annum)
BMA-Braeside Pipeline97km/225-450mm1 (3,250ML/annum)
BMA-Bedford East Pipeline67km/225-300mm3 (1,465ML/annum)
BMA-Selma Pipeline64km/450mm2 (3,200ML/annum)
BMA-Bedford West Pipeline40km/300mm3 (680ML/annum)
Collinsville Pipeline120km/525mm3 (5,000ML/annum)
Xstrata-Newlands Pipeline53km/450mm1 (1,400ML/annum)
Blackwater Pipeline57km/525-373mm3 (3,000ML/annum)
Stanwell Pipeline28km/900mm1 (24,000ML/annum)
Awoonga-Callide Pipeline80.9km/700mm3 (27,500ML/annum)
Tarong Pipeline96km/1,085mm3 (31,240ML/annum)
Eungella Water Pipeline239km/450-700mm2 (15,000ML/annum)
North West Pipeline148km/660mm3 (15,000ML/annum