Community Reference Group QA

Paradise Dam Essential Works Project

Paradise Dam, Queensland

Ensuring the safety of communities downstream of Paradise Dam is Sunwater’s primary concern. Immediate essential works are necessary to lower the spillway in order to better manage community safety.

Paradise Dam Community Reference Group Questions and Answers

<strong>Why has the Paradise Dam Community Reference group been set up?</strong>

The PDCRG has been established to support Sunwater in its role of implementing the Paradise Dam Essential Works and Dam Improvement Program. It will ensure ongoing communication to, and consultation with, the broader communities and stakeholders with an interest in Paradise Dam.

<strong>What will the PDCRG do?</strong>

Its primary focus is to provide insight into a diverse range of perspectives on community safety and water security. Members will provide Sunwater with their insights and observations with the objective of tailoring the project implementation to best meet impacted stakeholders’ needs.

<strong>Who is leading the PDCRG?</strong>

The PDCRG Chairman is Mike McKay APM. Mike was awarded the Australia Police Medal (APM) for his contributions to the Disaster Recovery after Cyclone Larry and later the Grantham and Queensland Floods.

<strong>How was the PDCRG membership determined?</strong>

The membership was determined by an assessment of the wide range of stakeholders who will be impacted by the Essential Works and Dam Improvement Program. This included general members of the community; downstream and upstream residents; customers; Bundaberg Regional Council; North Burnett Regional Council; South Burnett Regional Council, local disaster management group; and traditional owners; Chamber of Commerce; and environmental groups.

<strong>Where can I find a list of the members?</strong>

A list of members can be found here.

<strong>When will the PDCRG meet?</strong>

The Group began meeting on Thursday 31 October and will meet fortnightly initially.  It will operate for about 12 months.

<strong>How often will you meet?</strong>

It is anticipated that the group will meet fortnightly for the first three months and monthly after that depending on need.