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Burdekin Falls Dam Raising

Sunwater has determined an increase in the height of Burdekin Falls Dam is the best option for long-term water security in the Burdekin region once demand for water exceeds current capacity.

Following a Department of State Development study that forecast the potential short-term demand for water from Burdekin Falls Dam, Sunwater is now developing a preliminary business case to further investigate long-term water supply requirements and options for raising the dam wall.

Any raising of the dam wall would be a major construction project, requiring a significant capital investment. It is therefore vital to gather sound evidence of the demand for more water and the associated price to customers — both now and in the future — to support the investment.

Completion of the preliminary business case will position Sunwater closer to construction readiness, should future demand for water necessitate raising the dam.

What’s involved?

  • Should demand for water exceed the current capacity of the dam, the viability of two metre, six metre or 14.6 metre raising heights are being assessed.

Major milestones

  • Finalisation of preliminary business case expected in 2019
  • Dependant on the outcome of the preliminary business case, Sunwater will work with Building Queensland on a detailed business case and the preparation of an environmental impact statement, likely to commence in 2019.


Burdekin Falls Dam, North Queensland
Approximately 200km south of Townsville.